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The main signs of identity and personality of Argentines reveal their sense of humor. His jokes are like a "tango", aesthetics, divinity and passion. Some resources are geared toward exaggeration (such as basques) and pride, although what they practice best is the art of cockiness, conceived, we insist, as an art. See also Cordovan jokes.

Why does an Argentine jump out of a plane without a parachute?Because it goes wrong anyway.(chicauchiha)

What is the favorite toy of the Argentines?
The yo-yo

Why don't Argentines bathe with hot water? Because the mirror is fogging up.

How do you know that a spy is Argentine? He has a sign on his back that says: I'm the best spy in the world.

Why does an Argentine climb to the top of Corcovado? To see what Rio sinél looks like.Eduardo Avalos

Nestor Kirchner, George Bush and the Queen of England meet in Hell... (There will be reasons ..... !!!)
Bush was telling the Queen of England that there was a red telephone in hell and that he was going to talk to the devil to ask him for permission to use it.
Quickly, he went and asked the devil for permission to make a call to the US, to see how the country would be after his departure. The devil granted the call and spoke for 2 minutes.
When he hung up, the devil told him the cost of the call was $ 3 million, and Bush paid him.
Upon learning of this, the Queen of England wanted to do the same and called England for 5 minutes. The devil passed him a 10 million pound bill. Nestor Kirchner also felt like calling Argentina to see how he had left the country, and he spoke for 3 hours. When he hung up, the devil told him it was 25 cents. Kirchner was astonished, because he had seen the cost of other people's calls, so he asked him why it was so cheap to call Argentina ........ and the devil replied:

"Look, old man ... with the number of unemployed people, the strikes in public hospitals, the teachers of Santa Cruz, the picketers who cut the streets, child malnutrition, lack of justice, impunity, citizen insecurity, kidnappings and the Minister Sensation, the poor quality of the
teaching, government corruption, Los dos Fernandez, La Garré ... you have Argentina made a mess, chaos, hell ............
and from "hell" to "hell", the call is "local" ...

How to share alms, according to a priest: English, French, and another Argentine:
English: Let's draw a circle on the ground, throw the coins into the air, the ones that fall inside, we offer them to God, and the others to the parish.
French: Ah!
Argentinian: NO, no, we'd better throw the coins into the air, those that God grabs for him! AND THE OTHERS FOR THE PARISH!

How does an Argentine dogo bark?Esssteeee Wow! (Anonymous)

The Undersecretary of Health was visiting a hospital with the Director of the Hospital.
In that they pass through a room where one of the patients masturbated fiercely.
-'!Oh! !OMG!' - said the lady.
-'!That's embarrassing! Why are you doing that now?
The Hospital Director explains:
-'I'm sorry, but that man suffers from a very serious condition where his testicles quickly fill with semen. If he didn't do that 5 times a day they would explode and he would die. '
They continue the tour and in the next room, they meet a nurse who is doing oral sex to another patient.
-'!Oh! !OMG!' - Now the woman says 'Plaster? ... How do you explain it?'
And the doctor answers:
-'Same disease ... but has OSDE (private health insurance)


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