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real name is Cristina Maria Aguilera, is a singer, songwriter,
actress and producer of Pop music (Pop-dance, Latin Pop, Pop-Rock, synthpop),
Soul, electro, jazz, blues, R&B, of American nationality, although of
Irish and Ecuadorian origin. Account to his credit with 4 GRAMMY Awards and 1 GRAMMY
; having been nominated 15 times and 3 times. Has sold more than 50 million
of albums. In 2011-12 he is coaching La Voz (The Voice) In U.S.A. He has published 8 albums: Cristina Aguilera, Stripped, Back to Basics, Bionic, Lotus, My Reflection,
My Kind of Christmas, Your Body (Nov. 2012).
His best known songs: Genie in a Bottle, What a girl wants, I Turn
to you, Come on Over Baby, Dirty, Beautiful, Fighter, Can’t hold us down, The
Voice Whitin, Hurt, Candyman, Keeps gettin 'better, Not Myseilf Tonight, You
lost me, Your Body.
2010 composed the soundtrack of the movie
in which she had her 1st leading role, alongside Cher. Figure No. 20 on the
Billboard 2000. Since November 2010 has a star on the Walk
of Hollywood Fame

of birth of
12/18/1980 in Staten Island, New York, USA

zodiac of
: Sagittarius

horoscope of
it is Sagittarius.
Cristina is the daughter of divorced parents and grew up with her mother from the age of 9
and his sister. His mother was a Spanish teacher and his father a Sergeant in the Army.
The vocation came to her since she was little and due to an unhappy childhood due to
to the mistreatment of his father, his voice acquired sensitivity, color and nuances. The
music was his mode of escape. Supported by her mother, she dedicated herself to preparing
background for your career. His beginnings were quite easy: he sang the hymn
national team at soccer and baseball matches in his city, he appeared at castings for
children, until he entered a contest at the age of 8, Star stretch and they called her to sing for Disney Channel A song of Mulan.
There a talent scout from the same record company heard her sing and they hired her
to record his first album. It was the year 1998. His first album was published, Cristina Aguilera, in 1999. His voice has
been listed by many as the best in the world. Magazine Rolling Stones adds it to his list
of the 100 best voices in history, being the only singer
contemporary. As a good Sagittarius, she is a funny, friendly girl,
open, thrown, spontaneous. Everything seems easy to achieve, because it has a lot of
self-confidence and a lot of will. In reality, Sagittarians go so
overflowing with strength and talent, who like to help others. In counterpart,
She is a lucky girl, who has always found someone to give her a
hand at the right time. Cristina has a spectacular voice with a tessitura of soprano of
magnificent, so much so that some colleagues call it the diva.

Sagittarius do not loosen efforts until they reach their goal, they are very versatile.
Cristina creates an image for each new job, she transforms. Other traits
Sagittarius is how adventurous they are and how much they are drawn to
unknown. Cristina Aguilera covers this need with her multiple tours of
all continents. Wherever he goes, his songs are a hit with the audience. His album Mi Reflejo was a super success in Latin America and Spain. For her work comes first and she has known how to plan it very well. Has done
collaborations with: Justin Timberlake,
Sia Furler, Linda Perry, Cee Lo Green, Mike Jagger, Rolling Stone, Martin
Scorsesse in cinema, Eminem, Nelly, Ricky Martin ...

Aguilera has a lot of charisma and has been invited to inaugurate several deliveries of
prizes like American Music Awards. With his
curious about the unknown, he launched himself into the cinema, in 2010 his first
starring film with Cher, Burlesque.
It had good reviews and was nominated for the Golden Globe for its soundtrack, that is, for Cristina, who had
composed and songs. He has also advertised for: Versace, Orange, Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz,
Skechers, Verizon Wireless
, which have brought you good income. The
Sagittarius are very good at business and Cristina knew how to realize, despite her youth, that
her manager stole from her, so she was forced to break the contract and change. The
that if he has known how to invest his money well, he has released 3 perfumes with his line
body with great success: Xpose, Simply
Christina, Inspire

The part of
his character that has caused him problems is his little diplomacy and saying what
who thinks without thinking about the consequences. That has brought him more than one confrontation
with Eminem, Kelly Osbourne, Mariah Carey ... This is the negative part of the Sagittarius,
they have a very bad temper, they are a little irresponsible, careless, impatient, nothing

Aguilera is philanthropic and fully involved in many humanitarian issues.
He has participated in a campaign against Child malnutrition. Due to the
mistreatment that she and her mother received from her father, is very
involved in issues of defense against abuse. Has made repeated
donations to Pittsburgh Women's Center and Shelter. He has also contributed
with the Coalition Against Domestic Violence and
UK hostel
. Collaborate with the Fight
Against AIDS
. In 2007 he made a donation for the victims of the hurricane

As to
her private life, Cristina Aguilera had a relationship with Carson Daly. But she met Jordan Bratman in 2002 and married the music executive in 2005, divorcing in 2010. They had their son Max Lindon on
01/08/2008. Sagittarians live fast and when something doesn't work, it doesn't cost them
nothing happen to something else. In those moments they get out of control, they break everything, to
get back on balance and go on with your life as if nothing had happened. In the
Currently, she is in a relationship with Matthew Rattler, 5 years her junior. To know more about Sagittarius see: Characteristic of Sagittarius.

other signs:
Cristina Aguilera it is as Sagittarius
it is compatible with: Aries, Cancer,
Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and with people of Taurus, Virgo, Pisces they get along regular. On the other hand Cristina
it would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Scorpio and
Capricorn. For more information see: Compatibility of the signs with Sagittarius

details of interest about Cristina Aguilera and your horoscope:

  • The tarot card of Cristina Aguilera would be
    THE EMPRESS, is harmony,
    balance between mind and feelings, pregnancy ...
    (See: Letter from The Empress)
  • The number of Cristina Aguilera is he
    3, from him comes his artistic ability,
    inspiration, versatility ... See: Meaning of number 3, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope of Cristina Aguilera
    is he MONKEY is versatile, artist, creative, agility
    mental ... (See: Meaning of the MONKEY of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color of Cristina Aguilera is he blue
    dark, bright blue, brown, ocher.
  • The Element ofCristina Aguilera: it is Fire.
  • The planet of Cristina Aguilera it is Jupiter.
  • The stone of Cristina Aguilera it is Topaz,
    Ruby and Hyacinth
  • The Twitter ofCristina Aguilera is: @ aguilera4210

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Video: Christina Aguilera - Dirrty VIDEO ft. Redman


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