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YouTube Announces New Virtual Awards for User-Created Videos
According to an article published on March 19, 2007 on, YouTube has announced the celebration of the first YouTube Video Awards to reward the best videos of 2006 created by its users. Nominees, chosen by YouTube, can be found in a gallery at:

Members of the YouTube community will be able to vote for their favorites Monday through Friday and the winners will be announced on March 25. Each of them will be clearly featured on YouTube and will receive a trophy, the design of which will be revealed later.

The wide and varied world of online video has gradually developed its own styles, so to define the different categories we have looked at the genres of the most popular content from the previous year.

Among the nominees are: the “vloggers” of Paul Robinett (“Renetto”) and Peter Oakley (“Geriatric1927”); the comedies of Barats and Bereta, and Smosh; or series like Lonelygirl15 or “Ask a Ninja”. The pop group OK Go, nominated for the video clip "Here It Goes Again", is perhaps the most professional of the nominees.

Depending on the success of this first edition, the YouTube Video Awards will or will not become a permanent annual competition. According to YouTube sources, if the project grows and reaches great expectations in the future, a ceremony could even be held in person.

Source: Fox News



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