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When summer comes, many of us look for: sun and beach to relax and enjoy the eternal days between the breeze from the bar, nature and… how could it be otherwise… the good food of each country and city. That is why we have been looking for and have compiled the 10 best beach bars in Europe to travel, disconnect and enjoy a classic beach: Los chiringuitos.

On the seafront of this Sicilian fishing village is the Bar Caffè al Ciclope. This is a very basic beach bar. Simple decor in a large log cabin, but somehow has everything you need.

In this southeast corner of the island, at this time of year, the temperature around midnight is almost the same as in England, at noon it is a hot summer day. So everyone is out in the street at night, teenagers on scooters, children on trampolines ... drinking ice cream and slushies, while the sound of water and night mixes with conversation. (caffealciclope.com).

2. Safari Bar, Cape Kamenjak, Croatia

At the tip of the Istrian peninsula is the Cape Kamenjak Nature Reserve, protected not only for its scenery but also for the incredible marine life that inhabits the surrounding waters. After a day of snorkeling - like being in an aquarium - the ideal place to watch the sunset is the Safari Bar.

The calamari and cevapcici (cold cuts) sandwiches are fantastic; its grassy floor and rooms formed with living bamboo give it a relaxed surfing atmosphere; And, homemade toys for children make a day at the beach very enjoyable. The perfect ending to a summer day.

3. Shells Cafe, Strandhill, County Sligo, Ireland

Photo: instagram shellscafe

Shells Cafe is a beachside bakery-cafe in the small surf town of Strandhill. Its owners Jane and Myles designed Shells to create a coffee to the taste of each client. It has many casual things to eat and a shop with beautiful souvenirs and details. They also have nightclubs that serve dinner and are the total hub of Sligo's surfing community (shellscafe.com).

4. Bay View Inn, Widemouth, Cornwall (Cornwall)

Photo: Trip Advisor

The Bay View InnOverlooking Widemouth Bay on Cornwall's rugged north coast, it serves some impressive ales and burgers. Take the detour from South Devon to enjoy the views and the fabulous drive up the Atlantic Road. Good food, views of surfers riding the waves, and good beer. It is a distinctly British experience and perfect for the summer. (bayviewinn.co.uk). [See Cornwall Guide]

5. Chiringuito di Cala Saona, near Playa de Migjorn, Formentera, Spain

Cala Saona is a beautiful bay with reddish cliffs, clear waters and white sand. The chiringuito is basic: some stools, a little shade, a simple bar and incredible views towards Vedra, a volcanic islet next to Ibiza.

Photo: flickr.com/photos/brieanddylan

When the sun begins to set, the tribes gather; young couples, middle-aged women with small dogs ... The burning sun sets behind the sea in a sigh; then it's time for another mojito.

6. Tavern on the beach of Marmara, Crete

At the exit of the Aradena Gorge, about 45 minutes west of Loutro in southern Crete, and on top of a low cliff above the small beach of Marmara, is a charming little tavern. It is a great place to have mezedes, souvlaki or fresh fish accompanied, naturally, by one or more glasses of retsina or raki.

Photo: cretetravel.com

If we end up too impaired by alcohol to negotiate our way back to Loutro, just wait until night to catch the taxi boat back to Loutro.

7. Bar do Guincho, Guincho Beach, Portugal

After a mountain bike descent, there is nothing better than a cold beer and a prego - a typical Portuguese meat sandwich - at Bar do Guincho at the other end of Guincho beach, near Cascais.

Photo: Trip Advisor

For those who want to practice surfing, wind sports or simply relax on the beach, the terrace is open all year round and it is worth taking a detour to go there to enjoy the flavor of the cuisine and the views and aromas of the beach (bardoguincho .pt). [See the best beach in Portugal: Quinta do Lago]

8. Africafe, Platanitsi Beach, Halkidiki, Greece

Located in the northeastern part of the Sidonia peninsula, in Halkidiki, Africafe is part of a campsite that tends to be quite crowded in high season, but without losing any of its charm. The beach is amazing, with coarse sand, crystal clear waters, and a breathtaking view over Mount Athos.

Photo via: pinterest

We can take a bath first thing in the morning and watch the sunrise over the peak. The bar and the campsite are surrounded by lush pine and banana forests. It is a fantastic place to meet people, dance and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the sun with a summer drink. (africafe.gr).

9. Rock Food Cafe, Hossegor, France

Few know, but Napoleon, by diverting the Adour River south of Hossegor (leaving an offshore canyon on the seabed), created one of the best waves in Europe. La Gravière is a beach of world-class proportions and Roca Food Cafe offers the perfect vantage point to sit with and watch in awe as surfers battle the huge waves.

Photo: Rock Food Google Images

If we stay until the night and enjoy another spectacular view, as the sun sets over the Atlantic and the Rock Food becomes the center of the Hossegor party (rockfoodhossegor.com). [See more about the 10 best beaches in France and the best campsites in France]

10. Strandpaviljoen De Kust, Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

After a windy walk the De Kust beach bar offers a welcoming and invigorating atmosphere. Although the wood stove is not always on, it is clear that the owners of the place put a lot of heart into it throughout the year. Wijk aan Zee is situated next to IJmuiden, whose port is connected by ferry to Newcastle.

Photo: beachdag.nl

If you visit Amsterdam, it is worth taking a day trip there. The town is quite small compared to others like Zandvoort; with a short walk you get to the beach. Upon reaching the water, ignore the first coffee and enjoy a ride north. There is only a short walk to De Kust (strandpaviljoendekust.nl).
[Read more about Amsterdam and Amsterdam bars]

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