More investment in Nanotechnology claimed in India

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According to one expert, India's young semiconductor industry needs to invest in nanotechnology research and development (R&D) to meet the challenge of groundbreaking new technologies and product downsizing cycles innovative.

During the opening speech of the sixth Vision Summit of the Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA), the founder and CEO of the National Center for Informatics, N. Seshagiri, stated that, although India had gained a dominant role in the global software arena with export earnings of around $ 60 billion, it has lagged behind in the electronic device hardware sector despite available resources and talent.

“It would be a mistake to ignore the innovations in nanotechnology that are taking place around the world, especially in the US, Germany and Korea; and the application of nanomaterials and nanotubes in the manufacture of electronic products for various applications, especially consumer goods, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets, medical equipment, energy efficiency and security ", said the former special secretary of the Planning Commission and the IT department.

Highlighting that the burgeoning nanotechnology sector is a $ 20 billion global industry with nearly 1,000 nanotechnology-based products launched by 400 companies from 25 countries, the illustrious technocrat noted that the market size of the nanoelectronics will be $ 1.6 billion in the next two years.

Source: Times of India

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