Anti-stain clothing with nanotechnology

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Let's imagine having dinner without worrying aboutour children get dirty, without bothering to put a bib orignoring the soup splatters on her brand new clothes.

That's the vision
that No More Bibs had in mind when creating their stain resistant clothing,
which is almost impossible to get dirty.

No More Bibs clothing is capable of repelling 99% of liquids
to which a child may be exposed, including chocolate,
ice cream, mud, blood, juice, slime, paint,
oil, tomato sauce or syrups, among others.

Using nanotechnology, the outer layer of the tissue is
turns into a surface that repels liquids, making them
in large droplets that roll off the surface.

Since air molecules are smaller, they are still
able to freely enter and exit the tissue, which makes it
be as breathable and comfortable as normal cotton clothing.

The repellent factor is not toxic or carcinogenic, so the
clothing is totally safe for children, and meets the Children’s
Safe Products Act. The
Garments are made with 100% cotton and can be washed in the
washing machine.

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