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Juanes, whose real name is Juan Esteban Aristizabal Vazques. In 2009 he headed the Bilboard and named him Star of the Decade.
songs: My Blood, Life is a Rat, The Black Shirt, Seeing You Again, I ask God, For your love, I fall in love, Herbalist, Take a good look, A Normal Day, Everything in my Life is you, Sabina Blue, The Sign , And you do not return, Gift, Chasing the Sun ...
Albums: Look Well, A Normal Day, The Diary of Juanes, My Blood, Life is a Rat, P.A.R.C.E. in 2010, Juanes Unplugged in 2012
Awards: 19 Latin Grammy Awards, 2 Anglo Grammy Awards, 2 MTV Awards, 2 NRJ Music Awards, 9 Lo Nuestro Awards, 9 Nuestra Tierra Awards, Silver Torch, Gold Torch, Silver Gaviota, Golden Gaviota all from the Viña del Viña Festival Mar en Chile, winner of the Shock Award in 2011.In 2009 he headed the Bilboard and named it Decade Star. Various awards from the Top 40 and many more ...
Awards: National Peace Prize in Colombia in 2009, Solidarity Medal by Fundación Telefón Chile, 1 of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine for his humanitarian work.

Date of birth of Juanes: 08/9/1972 in Carolina del Príncipe, in Medellín, Colombia

Zodiac sign ofJuanes: Leo

The horoscope of Juanes: it's Leo.Juanes He was born in a small town near the city of Medellín. They are of Basque origin and have 5 siblings. At the age of 15 his father taught him to play the flute and the guitar and there he began his career with music. Leos when they are small are very restless and curious. So he began to delve into music. Juanes was very lively, energetic, nervous, friendly, affectionate ... Everyone liked him. As a good Leo, he had very clear ideas since he was little and an open mind to everything new and original. He could listen and was a very good conversationalist. Early on he began to play with a musical group, to which he belonged for 8 years (1987-1999). It was the group of Rock Ekhymosis. They became very famous in Colombia, they released 5 albums. When the group dissolved in 1997, Juanes decided to sing solo. There and with the song My Blood, he obtained international success.

Juanes is a very educated, correct, honest man, with a gift for people and is a born leader. Everyone appreciates him because he is close, welcoming in his ways and warm. He loves to help others, because he is generous and with a very noble heart. It is a pleasure for him, in fact he is involved in humanitarian aid issues and he declares himself a pro activist.Created the Mi Sangre Foundation to help those affected by anti-personnel mines. He has participated in many concerts in which they have raised money, to help countries in trouble or that have been destroyed. An example is the macro concert Peace Without Borders, another in the European Union. He has also created the Juanes de la Paz Park, to help those who are addicted to violence or who have been victims of violent acts.

Despite his authoritarian character and being very self-confident, he is not overbearing or conceited. On the contrary, he is apparently calm, diplomatic and knows how to listen. He is a smiling person, very versatile and launched. He likes changes and innovation, because he adapts very easily and is attracted to meeting new things and people. Leos are very realistic idealists, because they are not delusional. They do not mind recognizing that they have been wrong and rectifying. For them the important thing is to move forward. They never lose the illusion or the desire to succeed.

Professionally, Leos are hard-working and responsible. When they take charge of something, they take responsibility and develop it to the end. Their colleagues trust them, because it gives them security. He created his own record label, Universal Music Group . He has sold more than 15 million albums.

Juanes likes to be discreet, but he likes to do a lot of social life with his friends. He likes to eat well, travel, have a nice and comfortable home ... It's a bon vivant!
Juanes has many good friends, from those of forever.

Leos have a very strong ethic and scale of values. They place great value on their family, education, training, work, and friendship. They never forget their roots. Sentimentally, Leos are romantic and passionate. While they are single, they usually have many girlfriends, but when they have a girlfriend they are serious and they pretend that the other is too, if not, they become disenchanted and are not excited. They are very seductive, but when they do have a relationship, they are usually serious and long relationships. A Leo is faithful while the other shows his unconditional love, if he does not move quickly from the relationship. Juanes is married toKaren Martinez, an actress, model and queen of Cartagena. They have 3 children: Dante, Luna and Paloma. They reside in Miami. To know more about Leo see:Leo Characteristics

Compatibility ofJuanes with other signs: Juaneshow leo iscompatible with: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo with Leo is fantastic. On the other handJuanes would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Capricorn, Pisces and regular for Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio. For more information see:Compatibility of the signs with Leo

Other details of interest aboutJuanes and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card of Juanes would beTHE HERMITThey are thoughtful, lonely, experienced people. (See:Hermit's Letter)
  • The number of Juanes is he9, are generous, artistic and humane (See:Meaning of number 9, Numerology).
  • The Chinese horoscope ofJuanes is heRAThe is ambitious, cunning, intelligent, hardworking ..). See: Meaning ofRAT of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofJuanesIt is the Gold.
  • The Element of Juanes it is Fire.
  • The Planet ofJuanes It is Ruby, Diamond and Jacinto.
  • Juanes' Twitter is: @juanes

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