Elsa Pataky's horoscope: restless, intelligent and sensual

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Elsa Pataky whose real name is Elsa Lafuente Medianu is a world-renowned Spanish actress, model and producer. It became known in the series Afterclass and successfully entered the Spanish cinema with José Luis Garci, starring Ninette.

Films: Clara, Tatawo, The Art of Dying, Less is More, Twelfth Night, No God's News, Worse Impossible, The Van, Heist at Three, Beyond Re-Animator (Canada), Ninette, Snakes on the Plane ( USA), Santos, Give'em Hell (USA), Malone (USA), Rey Escorpión 2 (USA), Nacimiento del Guerrero, Máncora, Mr. Nice (GB), Di Di Hollywood, Fast Five or A todo Gas 5 ( USA), Copito de Nieve, Where the Roud Meets the Sun (USA), The Wine of Summer (USA), All Things to all Men (GB).
SeriesAfterclass,Uncle Willy, The Swords (Canada), Los Serrano, Assassin Women (USA) ...

Date of birth ofElsa Pataky: 07/18/1976 in Madrid, Spain

Zodiac sign ofElsa PatakyCancer

Elsa Pataky's horoscope is Cancer.

ElsaHe was born in Madrid into an upper-class family. His father José Francisco is a biochemist and his mother, Cristina, a Romanian publicist. Elsa has Romanian and Hungarian roots. His maternal grandfather was a theater actor in Romania and he transmitted his love for acting, for that reason when he decided to be an actress, he chose his last name. Her parents divorced when she was 4 years old and she stayed to live in Madrid with her father. When he turned 14, he decided to go live with his mother and his little brother, the fruit of a new relationship with his mother. Currently said brother, Cristian Pietru Medianu, is a film director.

Elsa Pataky studied the career of Journalism at CEU University from Madrid, but he has never dedicated himself to it. He was always waiting for the moment to be able to dedicate himself to interpretation. Her life has been very active since she was a young girl. Apart from her university studies, she trained as an actress at: the Cámara Theater with Ángel Gutiérrez, at the Las Rozas Cultural Center and later, at the Paco Pino School.

Elsa Pataky She is a true Cancer, she has always had her feet on the ground and has been very responsible with her studies and with her training. He has a very restless personality, but very balanced. She is kind, friendly, affectionate and somewhat shy. She has a simple and direct way of being, with a very strong will. She is protective of others. She is a beautiful, very human person with a great social conscience. Actively participate with Sandra Ibarra Association of Solidarity Against Cancer and with the FERO Oncology Research Foundation from Madrid.

Cancerians tend to be successful in everything they set out to do and they succeed young, because they plan their future well and are trained from a young age, for which they are already clear about what they are going to do. Elsa was clear that she wanted to fully develop her possibilities as an actress. He prepared himself thoroughly, down to the smallest detail. Cancerians achieve their goals because they are very ambitious and sacrifice in pursuit of their ideals. They are also proud and would not allow themselves to fail. This is Elsa. She has a class and an innate know-how, which makes her be impeccable in every place and in every role of her life. His discretion and distinction is liked by everyone.

She started working on the television series Al Salir de Clase and was immediately advertising, as a model for: Nestlé, Campsa Guide, Time Force watches ... At the same time, she was on the cover of several magazines with nudes or semi-nudes: Elle, Plaboy, MAN , GQ, Citizen Q, Hello, Magazine, Cosmopólitan, Glamor, Vogue, Intervíu… Its clean and beautiful beauty fascinates everyone. She is the idol of many boys, children and others… She has worked in the cinema in Spain, the USA, Great Britain, France and Italy. In 2003, he moved to California and settled there, where he has worked on many series and movies. She has had a production company since 2011, with whom she also works as an actress. He is working a lot in the USA and Great Britain.

Elsa Pataky speaks 5 languages ​​(Spanish, Romanian, English, French and Italian), which has helped her later in her profession: first as an advertising model and then as an actress. She is an educated woman, who loves music, reading, cinema, art… Elsa is a homebody. As a Cancer, your family is the most important thing. She is also romantic and responsible with her own. His home is his refuge and there he forgets about popularity.

Sentimentally, Cancerians are seductive, but when they find their better half, they are faithful, because they feel satisfied and happy. Elsa had several relationships before getting married. She was the pilot's girlfriend for 5 years Fonsi Nieto. Then it was the couple of Adrien brody, the french actress Olivier Martinez and with the humorist Michael Joun. She secretly married the Australian actor in 2010 on an Indonesian island Chris Hemsworth. They live in California, where they have made their home. They have a daughter, India Rose, who was born on 05/11/2012 in London. In the spring of 2014, she will give birth to twins. To learn more about Cancer see: Characteristics of Cancer.

Elsa Pataky's compatibility with other signs

Elsa Pataky how Cancer iscompatible with: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and they carryregular with Scorpio, Aquarius and Sagittarius people. On the other handElsa Pataky would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Gemini and Libra. For more information see:

Compatibility of the signs with Cancer

Other details of interest aboutElsa Patakyand your horoscope:

  • Elsa Pataky's Tarot card would be THE HANGED ONE, it is a spirit of sacrifice, reflection, altruism, disinterest in the material:
  • Elsa Pataky's number is3, artistic genius, creativity, intelligence and is sociable ..
  • Elsa Pataky's Chinese Horoscope is the DRAGON, it is power, wealth, it is interested, very active ...
  • Elsa Pataky's color isblue, spring green, cream.
  • Elsa Pataky's Element: esWater.
  • Elsa Pataky's planet isVenus.
  • Elsa Pataky's stone isLapis Lazuli, Coral and Emerald.

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