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Joint bachelor parties

Next month my brother is getting married and this past weekend we went on a bachelorette party. We did a joint farewell the only thing the girls had a plan and the boys others. How they get married in times of economic crisis, the farewell has also been marked by a tight budget, it was about spending a weekend together, all the friends and the couple, at times doubting whether the farewell was together or separately ... Here I tell you how we prepare the 1 day farewell in Denia and Jávea.

Saturday 8:00 in the morning… AWAKENINGRRR !! We asked the mother of the bride for the keys to the apartment where they live together and all the friends arrived stealthily at 8:00 to get them out of bed with a scare. So we go upstairs, we open the door and… LET'S GO FAREWELL !! We were playing jokes and others about what to carry in the bag, what to take as shoes ...

Saturday 8:30 in the morning ... Joint breakfast !! We had booked a breakfast in a cafeteria in a central square in Alicante, in Soho (Plaza de Correos), and we were there together and they were thinking about where we were going to take them. So when they thought we were leaving we said ... The girls here and ... the boys there ... They stayed dead !! (you didn't want a joint ... well we didn't ...)

We all went to the same hotel, the same places (Dénia) and everything was going to be the same but, we prepared a plan for girls for Saturday morning and another for boys so that they would think that it was not going to be a joint dismissal. So:

  • The girls We went to Dénia, we found the hotel, we went up to one of the rooms and left all the things, we took refrigerators and snacks for the boat and… We looked for dock number 6 of the Real Club Naútico de Dénia. (The couple at times thought that we were going to the Balearic Islands but ... the budget for the farewell was not enough). Thus, the girls went the day by boat, from 11:00 to 16:00 on a sailboat through coves and natural passages and marine reserves of Dénia, Jávea and that coast of the Valencian Community. [See photos Dénia]
  • The Boys they waited a bit to make time and also left for Dénia. They had to spend some time there as well because we didn't leave the hotel and we didn't want them to cross paths. They spent a day at the beach in Dénia friends.

After the coffees of each other separately ... We met again, the meeting was very beautiful ... the truth was that they had lost hope of a joint farewell and, they liked it a lot ... it was what they wanted. We had a drink and went to the hotel to get dressed and get ready for the night. The couple thought they had to be well groomed and they did but… when we were all ready… Blindfold and… COSTUMES !! The boys on the one hand and the girls on the other in different rooms we blindfold them and dress them up as popeye and olivia. (stories of friends and childhood ... the costume is for the groom's anecdote, but it can be anyone).

While they finished dressing up, a few of us went down to a park and prepared a fake “wedding of friends”… because according to them… what they were most excited about was marrying their friends in something simple… And… Their wishes are! orders !! We took them blindfolded to the park, we prepared an altar, some chairs for them, candles on the ground making a corridor, one of the friends was the priest, there was a godfather and godmother, champagne, rice ... And, of course ... March bridal. And ... as they wanted a joint farewell, we exchanged the rings for WIVES ... (They were going to go all night handcuffed).

We took some taxis and went from Dénia to Jávea (8km - bad mountain road) to the Atalaya restaurant, with views and a very modern, pleasant and atmospheric design. There they had a table and a menu ready. (We had to remove the handcuffs because of the heat and others they rubbed against them ... it was not a matter of pain but a joke). After dinner we went to the seafront and, in one of the pubs we took a booth with some sofas and they put us some bottles and ... it was very good.

Sunday… BREAKFAST !! We were waking up at the hotel and going down to breakfast… It was time to go home !! A joint farewell with lots of laughs and great moments. Besides being a very personal farewell and designed for them, but also an economical bachelor party to have a closed dinner, hotel, breakfast at the hotel and before… car, tolls… It was very, very fun !!

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