Ginger Root May Prevent Colon Cancer

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Ginger and cancer

In regular ginger root consuming countries like India, China and Japan there is a lower rate of colorectal cancer

A new study has shown that ginger root can also reduce some indicators of inflammation in the human colon.

Chronic inflammation in intestinal tissue is strongly associated with the development of precancerous lesions or cancerous polyps.

To test the possible protective effect of ginger, the researchers randomly assigned 30 healthy adults to take capsules with 2 grams of ginger root during meals or a placebo everyday during four weeks. Roughly this would equal 2 tablespoons of ginger root.

Tissue samples were taken from the lining of the colon before and after the study, which were exposed to chemicals called eicosanoids that increase inflammation in the intestine.

It was observed how ginger was able to decrease the level of inflammation markers in intestinal tissue, compared to placebo.

Citronberg J, Bostick R, Ahearn T, Turgeon DK, Ruffin MT, et al. Cancer Prevention Research (2015). More information.

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