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School holidays are an excellent time to tidy up children's rooms, and a thoroughly tidy room will give it a freshly decorated look. It is good that children participate in this work.

Organize the clothes: Have children try on all their clothing, including shoes, socks, underwear, and windbreakers. Once all that is not worth away, combine the rest of the clothes coordinating colors and patterns.

If we have enough time, this is a good time to add some more shelves in the closets or do a complete overhaul of the wardrobes, with shelves, drawers, light and bars to hang clothes?

Sort the toys Many children's bedrooms seem smaller than they really are because they are overflowing with toys. If this is the case, you have to start by taking out all the toys, putting them all in the middle of the room and sorting. Separate the ones that are no longer fit for their age and put them in a bag for charity. And throw away all those that are broken or are missing a piece. Then you have to organize the distribution of shelves, trunks, cabinets or drawers based on the toys that are left. You can use boxes to store, baskets, closet areas, shelves, trunks ... Where the toys are kept will depend on the style of decoration and size of each room. If we choose a box system, it is interesting to separate by categories and label each box clearly.

Sort the books: Some children's books are true treasures, but there may be others that have no sentimental value and that we can donate to a school, a library or another charitable cause. Those that we want to keep must be well organized by size, author or title.

Sort and organize paperwork . Many mothers cannot bear to throw away a single paper or drawing that our children bring from class, but it is that when they arrive at the institute this will be many papers and it makes little sense to keep them all. It is preferable to buy folders and use them to keep your best drawings, work with the best grades, annual njotas, and the jobs that your own children like the most. Organize the works by year and place them in the appropriate folder. A cover can be made for each folder with a class photo or other memory.

Once this marathon is over, the bedroom will have another air, the children will be able to organize themselves much better, and they will enjoy their room more.

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