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If you are an expat in Spain and want to keep up with events at homeor to contact other expatriates living or working in Spain, then these sites mayhelp. Use them to join virtual communities of ex pats around the world. Embassiesoften have further resources for locating expats, see embassiesin Madrid.

Tenerife information for expats, those planning the move and tourists too!

Internationalsite for anyone looking to make friends or find lost friends or contacts anywherein the world. Members from 185 countries

Informationfor expats all over the world.

Isde thuispagina voor Nederlanders in den Vreemde. Hier kunt u interessante linksvinden naar het dagelijkse Hollandse leven

Expat Exchange
Resourcefor English-speaking expats all over the World

Newsand business for the expatriate

informs, advises and offers general help to the expat spouse

i A g o r a
News andbusiness for the expatriate

Talesfrom a Small Planet
Onlinemagazine for expatriates, diplomats and travelers

Lesite d'information pratique des French expatriates

Sitefor people planning a move abroad for work or retirement

EmbassiesResident, clubs and associationsExpats pages
Specialized services

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