11 Original Gifts for Pets!

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Whether for Christmas or for his birthday, our pet deserves a very special detailBut what kind of detail or funny gift can we give it without it being the usual gift?

Anyone who has a pet will know that both we and they like to experience new things. Give her something useful or something you think she might like.

Here we collect 11 original gift ideas for animals that they will surely like! 😉

1. Cat hammock that does not take up space

ideal for under chairs; when your cat discovers it she will love it!

2. Slipper Bed for Dogs and Cats

very original and fun imitating the famous 'crocs' sneakers

3. Reflective or Luminous Led Dog Collar

If we are one of those who let our dogs go when walking them, with this collar we can always locate them at night!

4. Bed-Den or Cave for Cats or Small Dogs

ideal for those who always seek to get inside the blankets looking for warmth

5. Exercise ball for hamsters

If you haven't thought about this yet, it's great for her to run freely around the house! (Be careful, always on the level, do not expose it to heights such as stairs, balconies ... and be careful if we have more pets)

6. Cave-Bed with Cat or Dog design

beautiful and spectacular design, all glamor for our beloved and adored pet

7. Sausage Leash for Dogs

With this original plastic sausage leash, you and your dog will be the funniest!

8. Insects and Bugs Robot with remote control For Cats?

possibly your cat will love it because they really seem real (but be careful, always play with supervision and do not leave the robot as a normal toy) some are charged by USB

9. Ball Launcher for Dogs

If your dog is one of the tireless ones playing to catch the ball, this gift will be very useful and fun (and it will prevent you from getting tired throwing them all the time)

10. Water Fountains for Cats (and Dogs)

Did you know they love them? also, these sources are excellent if we have more than one cat / dog at home and will avoid urinary tract problems by encouraging them to drink more

11. Umbrella for Dogs

Do you live in a place where it rains frequently and your poor dog is always getting wet when you take him out for a walk? this invention seems like the complete solution!

* Original pet gift ideas sought and collected from the internet

What you are looking for is only one Original Bed for your Pet, being able to do it yourself?

Here you have:

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Or if you prefer make an easy upcycled bed or a handmade toy mouse for your cat:

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