How to fight acne in menopause

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How to treat acne in menopause

Pimples aren't just for teenagers. Acne is also common among adults, especially women going through menopause.

Having an acne breakout can be frustrating, but being able to identify the cause can help you figure out the best way to fight it and keep your skin healthy and clean.

What Causes Acne During Menopause?

When women enter menopause, their hormone levels begin to change: estrogen levels drop, and it is the constant androgen levels that cause acne.

The testosterone, a type of androgen, is one of the main causes of acne in menopausal women. With increased levels of testosterone, the skin produces more sebum, an oily substance that can block and clog the pores of the skin.

Over the years, skin cells regenerate more slowly. Pores that are already blocked with sebum become further clogged when skin cells accumulate, causing inflammation and irritation. As an immune response to this inflammation, white blood cells begin to accumulate in the infected region of the skin and create a pimple.

Treatment for acne in menopause

Keep skin clean It can help prevent the accumulation of sebum and skin cells on the face. It is recommended to wash your face a few times a day with a mild allergen-free cleanser.

You don't need to scrub when washing your face, as older skin is more fragile and requires gentle handling.

Do not touch or squeeze acne to avoid the formation of scars.

Consult a doctor or dermatologist. Different medication options can be employed to suit the needs of your specific type of acne. Antibiotics or other medications may be prescribed.

Hormone replacement therapyto be able to supplement the lack of estrogens that women lose during menopause. In addition to other benefits, hormone replacement therapy keeps testosterone levels in check, which reduces acne.

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