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Labor Calendar 2020 Spains

Check the working calendar 2019. Holidays of Autonomous Communities and non-working days

National Holidays, Autonomous Holidays, Local Holidays, Bridges, Easter

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xtraditional celebrations
xholiday throughout Spain
xHolidays C. Autonomous

January 2020


Day 1: New Year
Day 2: Day of the Taking of Granada, in Granada
Day 6: Three Kings Day - Epiphany of the Lord It moves from Three Kings Day to Monday 7.In Cdad. Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Asturias, Andalucia, Balearic Islands, Guipúzcoa,
January 12 to February 22 starts the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Day 17: San Antonio: in Mahón (Menorca)
Day January 18 to February 26: Carnival of Las Palmas
Day 20: San Sebastián - Guipúzcoa, Fiesta - Palma de Mallorca(moves to 21)
Day 22: San Vicente Mártir - Patron Saint of Huesca and Valencia
Day 23: San Ildefonso - Toledo
Day 29: San Valero - Zaragoza

February 2020


Day 2: Virgen de la Candelaria - Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Virgen de la Calle - Palencia
Day 8 to 12: Carnivals of Cadiz
From 9 to 13: Badajoz Carnivals
Day 12: Santa Eulalia - Barcelona
Day 13: Carnivals of Galicia: from March 13 to 4. It begins on Entroido or Carnival Tuesday in Galicia.
Day 13: Carnivals Gijón, Orense,
Day 14: Ash Wednesday and carnivals in Pontevedra.
Day 14: Valentine's Day
Day 28: Andalucia's day

March 2020


Day 1: Balearic Islands Day
Day 1: Ash Wednesday - Pontevedra
Day 5: Carnival, in Gijón.
Day 5: Cincomarzada Day - Zaragoza
Day 8: Women's Day, A Coruña
Day 19: San José - Valencian Community and Murcia, Galicia, Euskadi.
Day 19: Fallas in Valencia
Day 19: Father's day
Day 27: San Cibrán - Pontevedra
Day 28: Virgin of the Magdalena - Castellón.

April 2020


Day 2: Easter Monday - Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands, La Rioja, Navarra, Basque Country, Galicia.
Day 3: Bando de la Huerta festival, in Murcia
Day 9: San Vicente Ferrer - Valencian Community Patron (Valencia Holiday)
Day 18: Sermon of Las Tortillas - Teruel Day 18: Bando de la Huerta - Murcia

Holy Week

Day 18 to 21: Easter - Autonomous Communities of Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, Extremadura, Galicia, Canary Islands, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and Melilla, Ceuta. Valencia moves 12/8 to 18 Holy Thursday.
Day 19 to 22: Easter - Autonomous Communities of Valencian, Catalan, Cantabria,
Holy Week: from 18 to 22: Balearic Islands, Navarra and the Basque Country.
Day 23: Aragon Day
Day 23: Castilla León Day
Day 23: Saint George - Cáceres
Day 28: San Prudencio - Álava

May 2020


Day 1: Work party-San José Obrero, national holiday throughout Spain.
Day 2: Festival of the Community of Madrid
Day 2: Santa Faz - Alicante capital
Day 3: Cross day, Festive in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (capital), Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos...
Day 4 to 11: Seville April Fair.
Day 8: Wednesday of the Fair, local festival Seville
Day 4 to 12: Horse Fair in Jerez de la Frontera.
Day 6 : First Sunday of May: Mother's Day.
Day 11: San Anastasi local festival in Lleida.
Day 11: World Heritage Party in Ibiza
Day 13: San Pedro Regalado, Valladolid
Day 13: 2nd Sunday of May: Virgen de los Desamparados, patron saint of Valencia.
Day 15: San Isidro, party in Madrid.
Day 17: Galician Literature Day
Day 21
: Field Tuesday in Oviedo, Asturias
Day 21: Easter Monday Granada in Barcelona
Day 21: Virgin of Alarcos, in Ciudad Real
Day 25: Virgen del Mar in Santander.
Day 30: Canary Islands Day
Day 30: San Fernando's Day in Seville Day 31: City Day. Castilla-Mancha
Day 31: Corpus Christi in Granada

June 2020


Day 1: Feast of San Fernando, Cáceres
Day 4
: Rocío Festivities - Huelva
Day 5: Easter Granada - Barcelona, ​​Girona
Day 6: Field Tuesday - Oviedo
Day 8-10: Rocío festivals in Huelva. The 9th is Pentecost Sunday.
Day 9: Day of the Region of Murcia
Day 9 : La Rioja Day
Day 11: San Bernabé - Logroño
Day 11: Field Tuesday in Oviedo
Day 11: Virgin of the Chapel in Jaén
Day 12: San Juan de Sahagún - Salamanca
Day 13: San Antonio - Ceuta
Day 15: Corpus Christi Festival - Castilla La Mancha and Granada
Day 24: San Juan - Catalonia, Andalusia, Extremadura, Galicia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Almería
Day 24: Bonfires festivities - Alicante and the Cdad. Valencian festive.
Day 25: Commemoration of the city in Las Palmas de G. Canaria and Cdad. Valenciana San Juan.
Day 29: San Pedro - Asturias, Castellón, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, Gijón, Segovia

July 2020


Day 4: Saint Valentine of Berriochoa - Vizcaya
Day 10: Feast of the Angel - Teruel
Day 11: San Benito Lérez - Pontevedra
Day 25: Santiago Apóstol - Fiesta Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia, Canary Islands, Madrid, Navarra and the Basque Country
Day 25: National Day of Galicia, San Santiago, Euskadi
Day 25: San Jaime or Santigo- Girona
Day 28: Institutions Day - Cantabria
Day 31: San Ignacio de Loyola, in Guipúscoa, Vizcaya

August 2020


Day 3: Columbian Festivities in Huelva
Day 5:
Our Lady of the Volcanoes in La Palma .; Day 5: Feast of the White Virgin in Vitoria-Gasteiz;
Day 5:
Our Mrs. Africa in Ceuta
Day 8:
San Ciriaco in Ibiza
Day 10:
San Lorenzo in: Huesca,
The Assumption of the Virgin. National Holiday.
Day 15: Big Week of Bilbao (from 17 to 25)
Day 10 to 17: Big Week of San Sebastián
Day 15: Patron Saint festivities of the Virgen del Sagrario in Toledo
Day 16: San Roque in: Vigo, Palma Mallorca
Day 19
: Sant Magí in Tarragona
Day 19: Local Reconquest Festival in Malaga. (moves to 20)
Day 17 to 25: Bilbao Big Week (Aste Nagusia)
Day 22: Feast of the Octave of the Virgen del Prado in Castilla-La Mancha
Day 22: Virgen del Padro, in Ciudad Real
Day 22: Feast of the Sacrifice, Feast of the Easter of the Sacrifice: in Ceuta and Melilla
Day 25: The Virgin of the Sea, in Almería.
Day 28: San Agustín Festival in Zamora.
Day 30: Santos Mártires, in Santander

September 2020


Day 2: Day of the Autonomous City of Ceuta
Day 2:
San Antolín in Palencia.
Day 8:
Extremadura Day.
Day 8: Day of Asturias, the Virgin of Covadonga. (moves to 9)
Day 8 : Virgen de los Llanos Festival in Albacete.
Day 8 : Ntra. De la Peña in Gran Canaria.
Day 8: Ntra. Del Pino in Las Palmas
Day 8: Virgen de la Vega in Salamanca.
Day 8: Virgin of Guadalupe Córdoba.
Day 8: Virgen de la Victoria in Melilla and Malaga.
Day 8: Our Lady of San Lorenzo, Valladolid
Day 8: Our Lady, from the Cinta in Huelva
Day 8:
Our Lady of Grace in Menorca (Mahón)
Day 9:
Our Lady of Aranzazu Guipúzcoa.
Day 9: Sta. María de la Cabeza in Madrid.
Day 11: Feast of the Diada de Catalunya
Day 12: Our Lady of Fuensanta - Murcia
Day 13: Cantabria Day
Day 13: San Mateo, local festival Oviedo
Day 15: La BienAparecida in Cantabria.
Day 14: Ntra. De la Peña in Fuerteventura
Day 15: Our Lady of Dolores in Lanzarote.
Day 15: Sta. Teresa de Jesús in Avila.
Day 17: Melilla Day
Day 17: Albacete Fair
Day 19: America's Day in Asturias, declared of National Tourist Interest.
Day 21: San Mateo in Oviedo (Asturias), Logroño.
Day 23: Santa Tecla in Tarragona
Day 24: Virgen de La Merçé, Fiesta Mayor (local) in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona
Day 24: Ntra. De los Reyes, in El Hierro,
Day 29: San Miguel Arcángel in Lleída and El Hierro.

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October 2020


Day 3: San Saturio in Soria
Day 5: San Froilán in Lugo, León
Day 7:
Virgen del Rosario in Cádiz (moves to 8) and A Coruña
Day 9
: Valencian Community Day.
Day 9: Our Lady of Almudena in Madrid.
Day 9: Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Gomera.
Day 12: Hispanic Day, National Holiday of Spain. Day 12: Fiesta del Pilar in Zaragoza, Asturias
Day 15: Feast of the Passover of the Sacrifice in Ceuta.
Day 18: San Lucas in Jaén, Granada
Day 24: San Rafael in Córdoba
Day 25: San Frutos in Segovia
Day 25: Basque Country Day-Euskadiko Eguna

November 2020


Day 1: All Saints Day. National holiday.
Day 9
: Virgin of La Almudena, in Madrid
Day 11: San Martin party in Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela, Orense ... Province
Day 25: Local festival of Santa Catalina de Alejandría in Jaén.
Day 29: San Saturnino in Pamplona.

December 2020


Day 3: San Francisco Javier: public holiday in Navarra and Pamplona, ​​Formentera
Day 6: Spanish Constitution Day.
Day 8:
Immaculate Conception's Day. (when it falls on a holiday, it is moved to Holy Thursday in the Valencian City, and to December 9 in Madrid, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Guipúzcoa)
Day 24: Good night
Day 25: Nativity of the Lord. See Christmas.
Day 26: San Esteban, second Christmas party: Catalunya, Palma de Mallorca.
Day 27: Local party Palma de Mallorca
Day 28: Day of the Holy Innocents
Day 31: New Years Eve

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