Tourism marketing and the Internet, a pending issue for Spain

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In the middle of August, issues related to tourism always come to mind.

It is no secret that the tourism sector has been embracing the Internet in an intense and massive way. The first to notice it were the tourism and travel agencies, at the same time the traditional airlines realized the pressure of the cheap flight companies (low cost), which sold millions of flights over the Internet and with a price policy tailored to the network. A whole case that I have been insisting on constitutes a model of the utmost interest to economists and Internet experts.

The Internet and travel have made an amazing symbiosis around the world. The means of transport emulate how the railroad emulates the airlines when it comes to hiring trips. Hotels, rural houses, restaurants try to raise their offers in the vastness of the network ...

Spain, which has lost many leadership options on the Internet, is a tourist power that should not lose the possibility of leading the market for tourism marketing worldwide. It happens that we do not have companies like Google, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook ... but inertia and digital illiteracy would be a significant disadvantage in a sector such as tourism. For decades we have been complaining about the dependence of our tourism on the "tour operators" and now, if we do nothing, we could continue complaining for decades ...

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