Tips to transform a living room without spending money

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How to reinvent a salon with a zero budget. In times of crisis, it can be the solution to give your home a new look.

If the walls are smooth, change them by adding patterned drawings. In addition, a coffee table in the middle of the room limits the passage of people and the distribution of the rest of the furniture.

With a zero budget, would it be possible to give a new look to the room, simply by moving what we already have?

According to interior decorator Melinda Ashton Turner, the first thing to do is get rid of the coffee table. Apparently putting a large coffee table in the middle of the room is a common mistake, turning an unwieldy piece of wood into a focal point; the table ends up being a heap of garbage and limits the passage of people and the possibilities of placing the rest of the furniture. Instead, an oversized rug will make the room seem much warmer. You just have to make sure you place it properly (with the edge of the rug tucked under the front of the sofa, in order to create an “attractive island” around which to gather the rest of the pieces).

Once the coffee table is removed, it's just a matter of moving the furniture. For example, place the two leather sofas closest to each other (waiting for a large imaginary rug) and facing each other, to make the room seem more welcoming.

The next thing is to move the display case, from its initial position in a hole on the far side of the room, where it has always seemed a bit lost, to the wall next to the sofa. This way it looks like an intentional purchase, rather than a random addition. In the now empty space the floor lamp will go, so that the light bounces off the walls. So it may appear that a hole is wasted, but the empty hole looks good.

Here are a couple of discussions about the home: one about bookshelves versus built-in shelves (the latter provide much more space); and another on the length of the curtains (to the floor, please).

Removing a few books from the shelf and filling the space with some decorative pieces previously stored in the display case lightens the room and breaks in the middle of so much paper.

With a final touch, a sideboard is created by bringing a small sideboard from the kitchen (which matches the one from the living room). Above, the mirror now reflects the park in front, instead of a white wall. An ever-changing picture, Ashton Turner notes. Simple and totally free.

Source: The Guardian Lifestyle

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