Protein Supplements: Are They Really Necessary?

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When is it necessary to take protein supplements?

One of the most frequent situations that we can see on a daily basis in gyms is the number of people who drink protein shakes when they finish their training.

Protein can help you achieve a healthy weight and help your muscles recover after training.

Proteins are very important nutrients in our diet, but in order to increase muscle mass or gain strength,protein shakes are not always necessary.

We tell you why.

If the diet is balanced, protein supplementation is not necessary

The first thing to remember is that it is always better to get a good protein intake from food than using supplements.

Many of the people who use protein shakes after a workout, do not comply with a basic principle, which is that it is important to take into account the percentage of macronutrients eaten.

Each person has their own nutritional needs.

How much protein do we need daily?

Depends on degree of physical activity.

For example, a sedentary person would need 0.8g / kg body weight, and with our usual diet it is very easy to obtain the amount of protein necessary to cover our daily needs

Between1.8-2.5 g / kg body weight, depending on whether you want maintain or increase muscle mass.

The "advantage" of protein supplements

The problem is that most of the proteins What do we take with food? accompanied by fat, mainly those of animal origin. Therefore, by increasing the consumption of proteins, it is very likely that the amount of fats that we take will also increase.

This is where the protein supplements have an advantageThey provide proteins of high biological value without increasing the amount of fat.

But remember, just because a shake is easier after a workout doesn't mean protein powders should be a complete substitute for food.

A optimal and personalized nutritional plan, prepared by a professional dietitian-nutritionist, could help you get the protein intake that you need to achieve your goal, but maintaining an adequate fat intake.

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