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Meaning of colors in dreams

Indigo color

Dreaming of the color blue shows that you have a great source of inner peace. Blue symbolizes serenity, tranquility and happiness.

Yellow color

Dreams of yellow mean that you have confidence in yourself and your ability. However he warns that he will encounter obstacles. Intelligence, energy, agility, harmony, wisdom.

Golden colour

It is the supernatural color, the essence of the divine spirit, spiritual openness, wisdom and knowledge. Represents royalty, the spirit of money, wealth, strength,. It is revitalizing and reinforces energy and self-confidence. Balances the mind and opens it to innovative topics.

Color Beig

Everything about this color suggests neutrality and distance. There is an absence of communication.

White color

If you dream of white it shows that you are a reliable person, with a lot of energy and vitality. People can trust in you. It symbolizes: purity, innocence, peace, perfection, dignity, wisdom and creativity.


Gray in dreams is related to a period of transition. If it's light gray, it represent peace. If it's darker, it represents fear, confusion, depression, and illness.

Silver colour

It is related to the spiritual part of the moon. It is the symbol of femininity and protective energies. It also represents the mind, balance, peace, harmony, sensitivity, independence, justice and purity.


It is the color of transmutation, of physical, spiritual and mental changes. It indicates great creativity, and an understanding of things visible and invisible. Dreaming about them brings change, forces us to cleanse and transmute, to evolve.

Fuchsia color

It is your connection to your spirituality and your meditation. You are emotionally ready for changes and evolution.

Brown color

This color in dreams represents freedom, success, money, prosperity, well-being, quality of life, happiness, and lasting relationships. It must go back to its roots.


The color orange in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life. It also indicates hope, friendship, social life, and being outgoing. Restlessness to know new things.

Color Black

Isolation and a period of transition. Represents conflicts and problems with relationships and friends. Also the unknown, the mystery, the subconscious, darkness, death, evil.

Red color

It indicates great passion and sensitivity in your affective relationships. It also represents strength, energy, courage, aggression, power, danger, shame, sexual urges. Indicates need for reflection.

Color Garnet

It symbolizes wealth, success, prosperity and power.

Pink colour

The color pink is associated with tenderness, love, sweetness, happiness, affection and sympathy. Interesting events related to the opposite sex are anticipated.

Turquoise Color

It usually indicates new opportunities and the successful completion of projects. It is a sign of good luck, because it is related to the sun, fire and masculine power. Represents healing power and natural energy.

Green color

Growth, maturity, serenity, hope, fertility and independence. There are projects in your life that excite you. He gets great pleasure from simple things.

Color blue

On the spiritual plane it means that you will tend to open yourself even more towards spirituality, purity, eternity, wisdom, loyalty, clarity of ideas, to let yourself be carried away by the senses. On the earthly plane, it means not fulfilling your wishes, overcoming obstacles and dangers. You should get more carried away by your instincts, as your instincts are infallible.

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