Lettuce wraps with which you will not miss the bread

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Fancy a burrito, fajitas, a wrap, a sandwich, a hamburger but you're taking care of yourself and you don't want to eat bread or anything like it, because you are going to love this because there is a great way to take care of yourself and not miss a sandwich.

Wrap any type of protein in lettuce and give yourself a tribute gluten free and low carbohydrates.

Wrap means to wrap and that is what we are going to do to wrap or roll in lettuce whatever you want. Be careful if you are taking care of yourself, do not go overboard with the sauces and dressings 😉

Choose crispy lettuces like romaine or iceberg, you can also use cabbage or kale, fill them with whatever you want and enjoy.

It's like eating salad but much better.

Sauteed turkey breast and lettuce rolls

Tuna wrap with avocado and cherry tomatoes

Chicken wrap with mango, chipotle sauce and cashews

Bacon, avocado and tomato wrap

Mango and prawn wrap

Lettuce, turkey, cheese and tomato roll

Some lettuce tacos? Sure yes, of course

A meatball sandwich without bread, if you can

Club sandwich without sliced ​​bread, yeah

Fancy some beef fajitas?

A cheeseburger without bread? Everything is possible

What can you tell me, we make a squid or potato omelette wrap?

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