Decisive moments in a relationship, the 15 most important

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There are certain moments in a relationship that are always remembered and mark a before and after. We leave you those that we consider most important at the beginning of a long journey in company.

  1. The first conversation until the wee hours of the morning
    You start talking at a reasonable time, and when you think it's only been a couple of hours ... surprise! You have little time left to get up and start a new day. This is a magnificent sign, when time flies with a person it is when you are better off, that it pays you more to talk with that person than to rest, it clearly reflects interest.
  2. The first kiss
    It is equal to no other sensation in the world. Inexplicable. An advice? Always kiss your partner as if it were the first and last kiss.
  3. When he introduces you for the first time as "my boyfriend @"

    Without expecting it, you hear those words from your partner, your skin bristles, your pupils dilate and your heart races. And that nervousness? Even if you are aware of what is between you, listening to him is a confirmation of his feelings.

  4. The first awakening together
    Stay, ease the situation, don't make it become awkward: "I think it's time for me to go", this could cause the other person to distance themselves. Do not panic and enjoy the morning, the company and the love that can be breathed in the air.
  5. "I love you"
    The first I love you. How? When? Where? Will it be too soon? Will you answer me? Thousands of doubts will assail you about which are the best circumstances to say it, a moment full of anxiety that you will surely remember.
  6. U.S
    The first time you say or write the word "we." This defining moment in your relationship is equal to when he introduces you as his boyfriend. Now you are one, an indivisible pack. It fills you with pride that he counts on you and includes you in his plans.
  7. The first fight
    Let's be honest, a little discussion is necessary from time to time, since reconciliations are necessary, consider the first fight as a way of talking about little things that have bothered you and you have not felt confident to comment before.
  8. The first trip together
    Is there a better way to measure the trajectory of your relationship than to see how you are doing without separating for several days in a row? That moment will also define who will sit in the window seat, (who will be the darling of the relationship) hurry up and choose a seat!
  9. The first dinner or lunch
    You have already seen how they drink a beer, how they train, but it is the moment when you sit down for a considerable time to share a meal when you discover that you still have many things to know about each other.
  10. The first time it allows you to control the car, iPod or remote control
    Seriously, especially for men you don't know how difficult it is to deliver something so personal and dear, not as dear as you, of course, but almost.
  11. Future
    Has your vision of the future changed? That person appears in your plans when you did not know about your existence for months, you are surprised when you realize that your partner unconsciously appears in plans that you had never been in before.
  12. When you realize that you no longer fix so much
    Whoops! You are sitting on the couch and you no longer bother to always wear sexy underwear, and yet he looks at you with more love than ever, clearly, it is a sign of love as well as attraction.
  13. Going to the doctor together for the first time
    He wants to be with you at all times, he doesn't mind waiting the hours it takes if it makes you feel calmer and better. You will be surprised by the gesture, and for sure, you will remember it.
  14. Common concerns
    It does not matter if it is the color of some flowers or the food of the turtle, when you commit to sharing a responsibility the bond of your reason becomes much stronger. You will feel proud to see how it works and that living being grows at the same time as your relationship.
  15. Feeling of stability
    You don't need to make a long-term commitment. It's the defining moment when you feel incredibly lucky to know that the person you adore shares the same feelings as you.

Share with us which of these 15 is the moment you remember best and why it was so important to you.

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