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Luxury and affordable British hotels

The fame and British tradition of accommodation is a brake when we decide to visit these green lands. Charming places, historical monuments, emblematic hotels but ... the question that encompasses all this is how much does it cost? The urban legend of "sleeping in Britain is very expensive" is put aside to make way for the 5 perfect British hotels without spending a fortune, since not all of us have 300 pounds to spend each night, at least on sleeping.

  • Hotel in London. An outdoor complex made up of seven Georgian houses, close to the famous London park: Hyde Park. It is a five-star hotel where the customer is offered maximum comfort and proximity and good communications with the heart of London. Relaxing and enjoying the most prestigious facilities of a luxury boutique is possible in this corner of London (see 24 hours in London and Tips for traveling to London).
  • Hotel in Scotland. Isle of Eriska Hotel. A different place, with charm and with the Scottish essence raised to the maximum power. A building with a stately appearance, as if it were a fortress, surrounded by green fields and long paths make this place an unusual space. In addition, the gastronomy of this hotel was recognized with the "Scottish Restaurant of the Year 2011" award, a gourmet restaurant with the most classic products such as British artisan cheese or English tea. A perfect place to enjoy Scottish traditions and gastronomy as well as toast the note in a different world that includes nightly entertainment.
  • Hotel in Wales. Bodysgallen Hall. Recognized among the three historic hotels, with more than 600 years of history, with a garden full of wooded green areas that are a claim not only for guests, but you can visit these gardens for tea or visit the famous tower of guard built for Conwy Castle.
  • Hotel in Chester. Chester Grosvenor. A stately hotel owned by the Duke of Wetsminster is located within the walls of Chester. The walls tell the story of Roman times, when the fortress was built. Hotel with contemporary decoration and, if we want to enjoy even more, we can splurge some of the vacation capital in the Radley Michelin Simon, an exquisite restaurant with the most select products in the area.
  • Hotel in Egham. Great Fosters. Special, charming, unique, essential ... and a long list of etceteras to describe this wonderful space located between historic and emblematic English gardens. Great Fosters was for many years the hunting residence of King Henry VII. One of the classics of this place is having a cup of English tea after having crossed the bridge of the moat and arriving at the circular garden all pink. A unique moment that is worth enjoying, whether it is at night or not in this marvelous farmhouse with more than a century of history.

In addition to taking these establishments into account when traveling to Great Britain, we must pay close attention to the area where we want to stay, the vicinity, the end-of-season offers or the offers for last reservations. Every opportunity is good to enjoy the good life even more during the holidays without having to shell out real fortunes.

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