Vueling: passenger number 5 million

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A few days ago we announced Vueling's special offer of € 5 tickets, valid for national and international destinations, to celebrate its 5 millionth passenger.

Now, Vueling has thought of giving a special prize to that 5 million passenger.

An Airbus 320 for a whole day

As the Company is almost on the verge of achieving this, they have thought of giving the winner a flight with the destination of his choosing, for himself and his partner or his friends (a maximum of 100 people). To do this, Vueling would put an Airbus 320 at your disposal for a whole day.

It would be a great experience!

In addition, the winner would have the opportunity to put his name on the new Company aircraft. Can you imagine seeing your name on a commercial airplane? Not a nice idea?

If you travel on Vueling for the next 15 days, you could be the winner of the 5 million traveler award and experience this madness. Good luck!

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