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Euroresidents, multicultural and informative Internet portal, already an expert in esoteric subjects, will once again discover a new guessing formula. In its portal we can find: Horoscopes, Tarot, Astrological Tarot, Numerology, Chinese Horoscope, ... and now this blog will deal with the topic of Runes.

This Blog about Runes, divinatory art of the Viking age, teaches us who feed our curiosity about the future with esotericism, this new formula to be able to know what the future holds. We look forward to your participation and contribution of information, if you have it and we, on our part, will try to clarify all the questions related to this topic.

Free Runes, with its stones full of symbols, we can ask questions that tell us: how we should solve a problem, what the future holds for us in any matter that worries us or simply what we should do, to focus our life well.

We can throw the Free online runes or we can learn to put them on ourselves at home.

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