Pineapple - Ananas comosus

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Some very basic tips for caring for the pineapple plant, an indoor plant that is relatively easy to care for. It is a tropical plant.

Pineapple is a small plant (25-30 cm in diameter). Plants usually double in size within a year.

Light and temperature
It needs a lot of sunlight and should not be in cold places (special care in winter)

The plant has very small flowers and the fruits (pineapple) usually appear in the first summer.

It is necessary to water in summer 1-2 times a week, depending on how hot it is. The land must dry out between waterings. In winter you only need to water once a week at most.

Rinse aid should not be used in water. Clean them by hand, using gloves

When the pineapples are growing, add liquid fertilizer, suitable for this type of plant, once a week.

Common problems

Slow development without flowersNeed more compost
Dry and damaged lower leavesRequires a more sheltered position
Wrinkled sheetsExcessive dryness and heat. It is necessary to water more and / or take it to a cooler place
Leaves stained with yellow spots. Brown bugs on the stems and on the underside of the leaves.It has mealybugs. They must be removed one by one with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. A suitable insecticide can also be tried for this type of problem.
Leaves that lose their colorYour plant needs more light. Move it around.
Leaves that wrinkle and die after the plant bloomsAll pineapple plants die after flowering. They propagate new plants through suckers.

Other tips

How to make a pineapple
Choose a pineapple in a good greengrocer or the market. It must be fesca with all its leaves, including the central ones (this must be checked, because they have sometimes been torn off during harvest). Prepare a pot with some stones at the bottom, for drainage, and then a mixture of peat and coarse sand. Cut the clump of leaves with 1cm of the fruit. Put it in the ground, covering the fruit and leaving the leaves in the air. Water and cover with a transparent plastic. Remove the plastic once a day for 5 minutes. Do not let the soil dry out. When new leaves start to grow in the center, the plastic can be removed from everything.

Sapling propagation
Shoot propagation should not proceed until the flowers and leaves of the mother plant have withered. The sapling should be half the size of the mother plant. Prepare a pot with stones for drainage and wet compost. Separate the suckers from the mother plant with a knife, taking care to keep the roots intact. Water well and cover it with a transparent plastic and follow the same method as above.

  • Be careful with the spikes: The pineapple leaves have sharp spikes so you have to be careful when changing the pot, etc.

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