Responsible nanotechnology

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Responsible nanotechnology is a relatively new concept applied to a totally revolutionary science - Nanotechnology. Faz referência to a responsible management, that controls the potential risks of nanotechnology, and that enhances the vantages in no one of humanity.

OR Responsável Nanotechnology Center e Euroresidents chegaram to a collaboration agreement to give to know the theories about the responsible management of nanotechnology in lusophone countries.

Thanks to advanced nanotechnology, machines can be manufactured thousands of times more powerful and more time consuming than they are today. From a humanitarian point of view, nanotechnology is an extraordinary potential item. Contudo, the cliffs are also huge: they can be used in an undetermined way or practiced, it is a non-responsible gesture.

Scientists, academics and collectives that defend the concept of responsible nanotechnology who want to achieve a world view, not that molecular manufacturing is used for productive and profitable purposes; A vision that an efficient management of limited technology or improper use of its potential.

Through this section, we will share some of your ideas with our users.This space is destinedyear debate and dissemination of ideas, by isso Euroresidentes and CRN we invite our users to share their theories with us and to participate in our virtual community.

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