Nanotechnology and Cancer

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A US organization, NationalNanotechnology Initiative has just published: Cancer Nanotechnology, Going Small for Big Advances. Using Nanotechnology to Advance Cancer Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment (Nanotechnology and Ctoncer, Diminuir to achieve Great Advances. Nanotechnology Application for Diagnosis, Prevention and Cancer Treatment).

The objective of the United States National Cancer Institute is to use Nanotechnology (one of two key technological advances of our times), to eliminate before 2020 the deaths and symptoms caused by cancer. In this sense, asinvestigações atuais focused on how to use Nanotechnology to radically change the capacity of medicine to diagnose, understand or treat cancer.

Investigations that have been carried out will achieve the development of * nano-devices capable of detecting a very preliminary naphase cancer, locating it with extreme precision, providing treatments specifically directed to malignant cells and measuring the effectiveness of these treatments in eliminating malignant cells. More as research continues, and such has been achieved last technological advances in this field, that experiences believe that Nanotechnology will transform itself into the very bases of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of fatal doença.

Graçasa another great project, or Human Genome Project Scientists know more and more about the development of cancer, or that at the same time it creates new possibilities to attack this disease on a molecular basis. However, researchers do not have the necessary technological innovations to convert important molecular diseases into direct benefits for cancer patients. This is where Nanotechnology can assume a key role, through the development of technological advances and ferments capable of transforming the diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic capabilities of current medicine.

Video: Nanotechnology: Fighting Cancer on the Cellular Level. Laura Brod. TEDxGullLake


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