Homemade Halloween decorations

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Easy ideas to make your own homemade Halloween decoration, easy and inexpensive ideas to give an original and fun touch to the scariest night of the year.

Bats, spiders, ghosts and skulls ornaments

Make miniature bats and spiders appear in the house and hang life-size versions on the door to greet visitors. You can also print or draw letters with the word Halloween and hang them on a ribbon.

Cut out the bats and spiders from the sheets of black fabric, design your own shapes or use Halloween templates

Ghost Ornaments

Use polystyrene balls or balloons and gauze fabric to make these original ghosts.

Photo: simplydesigning.porch.com

Paper chains or garlands

You can decorate a terrace or a garden with hanging chains of colors related to Halloween

Tissue paper decorations for the Halloween table

With orange and black tissue paper you can make some nice decorations for the table

DIY cardboard graves

With cardboard you can make graves as realistic as these to put in the garden or wherever you want.

Homemade bloody candles for Halloween

Melt some red wax on white candles, insert some nails and voila, you have your bloody candles.

Source: popsugar.co.uk

Halloween Pumpkins

If there is a homemade ornament that you cannot miss on Halloween, it is the pumpkin

  • Ideas to decorate the Halloween pumpkin

Halloween decoration with balloons

With balloons you can make very fun decorations, you can see more ideas in the following link:

Decorating the front door for Halloween

Decorating the front door can be a very fun and original option

  • Ideas to decorate the door on Halloween

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