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There are some fascinating cruises and some websites where you can find good cruise deals.

One of the most fascinating cruises is the Alaska leaving Vancouver. It is a real marvel and if you join it to Canadian Rockies It is a dream cruise. If you are lucky with the pilot, you can receive a live master class on climate change and glaciers ...

If it is a first cruise, it is a good option because by going through fjords you ensure total calm and without noticing the waves. The crowd is very calm, because they are usually retired Americans. The norwegian fjords They are another wonder of calm and relaxation, the only thing that the landscape is more monotonous ...

A cruise on the north sea and northern european countries are another good option: it is highly recommended St. Petersburg. See travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

On this website http://www.vacationstogo.com/ there are many options and cruise proposals for all kinds of tastes and prices. Also on a large / small ship ... You have to have some reservations with the Italian shipping companies (they are cheap but in summer they are not quiet at all; you have to have an excessive family bustle ...).

Thanks to our friend Cecilia K. expert in the best cruises in the world….

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