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SHA spa

Forbes magazine published 3 years ago a ranking of the best spas in Europe that we translate below. We cannot allow a small update to include what is, in our opinion, today the best spa in Europe but which is not in this ranking because at the time the list was published, it had not yet opened its doors.

It is the star of all European spas and is the SHA Clinic Hotel - they have more information here: The best Spa in Spain. The SHA, despite its relative youth compared to other European spas, has already been named the best medical spa in the world so it cannot be missed in this post. We go to the Forbes list ...

Capri Palace Hotel and Spa, Capri, Italy: A set of treatments focused exclusively on the beauty and health of the legs. Therapies include medicinal mud to help achieve firm, smooth, and decongested skin, as well as the Kneipp vascular treatment, which involves immersing the legs in water containing plant, mineral and marine extracts to help improve circulation.

Spaciomm, Barcelona, ​​Spain: For lovers of smartly designed spas. Modern designs combine elements of wood, iron, stone, and silk to give booths, treatment tables, and pools an elegant appearance. As for the treatments, they are top-notch. Using their own line of beauty products, Spaciomm estheticians offer hot tubs, Ayurvedic massage, and Pilates.

Cinq Mondes Spa at the Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne, Switzerland: Like the buffet at Wynn Las Vegas, the Cinq Mondes' spa menu makes abundance seem less grotesque and of higher quality. Guests can choose from almost every treatment imaginable, from a Japanese flower bath to a Chinese Taoist ritual to an Ayurvedic massage.

Vigilius Mountain Resort and Spa, Alto Adige, Italy: Endless pools are often reserved for seaside resorts, but in Virgilio, the endless stream overlooks the mountains of South Tyrol. Services include a gentle massage with mountain herbs and oils, to relax the muscles and invigorate the skin, and a body scrub composed of Tyrolean apples, finely ground corn and mountain honey, promising a rosy glow.

Serenity Spa at Seaham Hall, Durham, England: Many spas only offer services for those over 17, but at the Serenity Spa, 13-16 year olds can receive a range of treatments, from a lime and ginger salt scrub to a pore cleansing facial. , if they are accompanied by an adult. And everyone can enjoy the gym, swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs, steam rooms, and rooftop gardens.

Barnsley House, Gloucestershire, England: A full service Cotswold spa, including a rose oil hand and arm scrub followed by a manicure. Almost all treatments use the British cosmetics brand REN, whose products are touted as free of harmful chemicals.

Mavida Balance Hotel and Spa, Salzburg, Austria: Each spa is intended to serve as a sanctuary for hurried visitors, but at Mavida, special attention is paid to mental balance. With your IL-DO Body Candle Treatment, four candles are placed around a treatment table. The herbs, released from the center of each candle, help blood circulation, relieve pain, and reduce nervousness and insomnia. Most clients enjoy a massage while receiving the IL-DO treatment.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, France: At the Four Seasons luxury spa, the seven-hour “Vision of Beauty” treatment will revive tired souls. During the day-long treatment, guests receive a body scrub, massage, full body wax, facial vitamin, manicure, pedicure, haircut, blow-dry, and lastly, an evening makeup application. Lunch is served at noon in the spa salon to quench any cravings.

Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Center, Saturnia, Italy: The preservation of youth is at the heart of the philosophy of this spa. To help slow the signs of aging, each guest is given a biological age assessment in which a team of experts looks at everything from their health history and general levels of stress and alcohol to memory, skin, flexibility. and body composition. After extensive analysis, each guest receives a series of treatments adapted to their physical needs.

Blue Spa, Munich, Germany: This city center spa offers a long list of treatments, but it is its wide range of massages that is most appealing. From the four-hand massage - with two therapists working with the same rhythm and fluidity, using a special blend of oils - to the chocolate massage, in which the hot massage oils contain shea butter and cocoa to soften the skin; there is a massage for everyone.

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