Government digital literacy urgently needed (Gowex and others)

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To the Gowex case of Jenaro García Martín are added the shadows that, according to the newspaper El País, hang around Facephi, a small firm in Alicante, with a value of 21 million in the MAB and with just over 8,500 euros invoiced in 2013. The Gowex case and other similar ones, if confirmed, will do a lot of damage to the development of Spanish startups and the development of the digital economy in general in our country.

Smoke sellers

Seeing involved ministers, Prime Minister, ICO, the European Investment Fund (a headline of one of the media summarizes it very well: "The man who deceived the whole world") I wonder which country we are in. Smoke sellers seem to be able to roam freely in the face of a lack of digital literacy in administrations and public entities. They receive grants, prizes and advantageous credits, recognitions, personal and brand promotion ... They are artificially created under the desire to generate a “digital political image”.

The reaction

When the fraud is uncovered and after the enormous media noise, then indiscriminate retaliation comes, that if the Treasury does not inspect, that if the aid must be withdrawn, that if they are a nest of irregularities, etc. Saying all the follies of public performance are paid for by a whole set of startups that with many difficulties and merit try to break through facing enormous international competition. The cost, however, is general and very important: we risk the development of the digital economy in Spain.

Urgent literacy

A government that approves the "Google tax" or that rejoices in the European ruling on the "right to be forgotten" is already showing very worrying symptoms of digital literacy fatigue. And after this type of "disappointment" with its "media entrepreneurs" is the temptation to return to the comfort zone of analog ... In strictly political terms an entrenchment in the style of that "without the Internet we lived better" or was it not with Franco ?

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