18 life lessons that will change you

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  • 1. Life is now

Don't wait for things that may never come. Already.

  • 2. Fear is an illusion

You create your fear. Just like you created it, destroy it.

  • 3. Your children are not you

Love them, support them, teach them ... But don't try to change them. Let them be.

  • 4. Failure is necessary

Without it you cannot learn. Accept it and move on.

  • 5. Friendship needs attention

One of the main regrets of the dying is that they let their friendships fade. Take care of your friends and give them time and attention.

  • 6. Age is a number

When you are 20 you think that 50 is a lot. When you're 50, you feel like you're in your thirties. Your age does not define you. Don't let a simple number stop you.

  • 7. Anger is not worth it

Anger only begets more anger. Also, you don't get anything. Learn to communicate your feelings and emotions.

  • 8. Motivation is power

It doesn't matter how hard or difficult something is. If you are motivated you will do it, and you know it. Learn to get motivation out of everything you do.

  • 9. You are not always right

Your opinion is not the only one. There are other valid points of view. Don't close your mind and keep them in mind.

  • 10. Thoughts are not real

You create your thoughts. Many of them are negative and paralyzing. They are not the absolute truth. They can be real, only if you allow it.

  • 11. Will pass

Things change. Everything has an end. It will happen.

  • 12. You define the meaning

Is the glass half full or half empty? It's up to you. It all depends on the colors you choose to paint your life.
"Life is like a mirror: it smiles at you if you look at it smiling".

  • 13. Change is good

Life is continual change. It is the natural order. Flow with it and adapt to the new experiences that life brings you.

  • 14. Little things matter

Your husband's smile this morning. The noise of your children playing yesterday. Those little pleasures in life that make it more bearable. Pay attention to them.

  • 15. You never stop learning

You will never, never, never stop learning something new.

  • 16. Simple is better

In every way, in every area.

  • 17. It's never too late

Needless to say more.

  • 18. Love is the answer

That is why I am here. That is why you are here. That is why we are all here. "I know I am on the right path because it is the path of love"

What did you think of these 18 lessons? I am interested in your opinion. Feel free to share it and it will be my pleasure to talk about it.
I wait for you in the next one. A big hello, Andrea.

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