Cecil the lion and other endangered animals are projected onto the Empire State Building

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Beautiful images of animals (including that of Cecil the lion) could be appreciated in the very Empire State Building in New York to raise awareness in the world about the importance of animals and endangered species

We all (or the vast majority) know the sad news of the murder of the lion Cecil at the hands of the American dentist Walter Palmer. The news has gone around the world and is giving a lot to talk about, creating outrage wherever it goes.

Nothing like some beautiful projections of animals to honor them and raise awareness to protect them, as they are persecuted species and continually threatened by the human race

Cecil and other animals (a tiger, an eagle, whales, a cheetah, a lizard ...) they were screened in the landmark building last Saturday night in New York. These images covered 33 floors of the building in an 8-minute video loop and you could see it from miles away

The show "Projecting Change in the Empire State Building" was created by Louie Psihoyos, director of the film "The Cove" Oscar winner in 2009, where he made people reflect and tried to make the world aware of the brutal and terrible dolphin hunting industry in Japan.

Psihoyos is also founder of the "Society for the Conservation of the Ocean"

This show attracted a lot of attention and crowds of people gathered and took photographs or videos of the show

People loved the spectacle of the animal screenings

Breaking news:

-Unfortunately, despite this act of good faith to help the animal world, there have been people in the United States who have felt indignant and hurt after this. They call the show "shameful" for neglecting the victims of the murders of unarmed black people who were killed by police, and regret not receiving as much attention as that of animals nor create the revolt that a simple animal in particular has created.

From All Pets, our condolences to all the black victims in the United States.

We hope they also have a beautiful tribute and do not forget about them. We cannot forget our own species, there are also many who deserve to be remembered and judged.


[Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk]

Video: Cecil The Lion And 160 Endangered Animals Projected On Empire State Building


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