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Longleat (see Longleat on Google Maps), is one of the most entertaining shows for children in the whole of the United Kingdom: an open-air safari among beautiful and green natural landscapes, fun attractions, a spectacular manor house open to the public ... Children and older people are guaranteed fun.

Longleat exceeds all expectations. It is advisable to take advantage of the first hours of the morning (they open from 10.00 am).

Longleat, more than just an outdoor safari

An expanse of 900 acres (3.6 km2), a spectacular manor house considered one of the finest examples of Elizabethan architecture in the UK, owned by the Marquises of Bath, who realized in 1949 that their estates could become one of the best amusement parks in the UK.

In 1966 they became the first open-air safari park outside of Africa, which sparked protests from local clerics who were alarmed at the danger of lions escaping the Safari.

Longleat and its amusement parks

Here are some of the main attractions in Longleat:

  • Safari Park, outdoor safari, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, lions, tigers ... Since 1966 this Safari Park represented a revolution in the way wild animals were treated.
  • Longleat Hedge, (labyrinth). An impressive labyrinth of 0.6 hectares with corridors of 2.72 kilometers, from certain points (the tower) it is possible to visualize people trying to get out of the labyrinth.
  • Safari boats, safaris navigating the river, with sea lions, hippos, etc. and visiting the Island of the Gorillas, with specimens of this species.
  • Longleat Railway, a recreation of the steam era in the United Kingdom, it also allows traveling to different parts of the Park.
  • Adventure castle, a “medieval castle” to which the children have added all their favorite games: slides, bridges, nets, swings ...

In one day it is practically impossible to visit all the attractions of Longleat. We have not referred to other minor attractions that delight adults and children (such as the collection of "free" butterflies in an artificially generated natural habitat). You usually get a passport that allows you to go to the different attractions on successive days. This allows a greater staggering in the enjoyment of the park's attractions.

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