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Buxton, no, I don't know him. Well, know that it is an ideal place to learn English.

For many young (and old) traveling in the summer means “learning English”. Of course, many Europeans look to the most classic places in England: Oxford, Cambridge, Bath (see Bath Guide), looking for good centers, beautiful surroundings and a good accent. In the end the Spaniards end up making a group with other Spaniards, Italians, etc. without taking advantage of the enormous opportunity to practice English intensively. Are there alternatives?

Buxton, to learn English

Buxton on Google Maps
Derbyshire, UK

Buxton is similar to Bath, but much quieter, smaller (with about 25,000 inhabitants), and without that massive presence of students that characterizes some British cities during the summer. Its active historic center, its thermal baths, its elegant Victorian hotels, make it really attractive (see Photos of Buxton). The perfect place to combine a lot of tranquility, concentration and attractive surroundings. The presence of a campus of the University of Derby, favors the existence of a university environment. View English courses at the University of Derby - Buxton (ESOL).

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