The 4 things you should propose in love

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The year ends and we begin with the resolutions for the new year that begins, we take stock of our life and our relationship or relationships or the absence of them, which is healthy and recommended, but why not do it with a premise, that of being to seek the happiness in all aspects of our life and avoid complicating our lives more than necessary, an important part of our life is occupied by Love and relationships.

These tips can help you find or maintain the perfect relationship but it all starts with starting to love and accept ourselves and take care of the details.

1. I

and in capital letters so as not to lose sight of it, before thinking about what makes others happy, we can begin to think about what makes us really happy, without falling into selfishness, let us remember that it is a personal decision to be and become happy.

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2. Let's stay true to ourselves

Regardless of our age and external pressures, what we always have to keep in mind is to seek our happiness. So this year is the perfect time to strengthen the couple, stay single or get out of a relationship that no longer makes us happy.

3. If love doesn't come, let's not desperately pursue it

Love comes when we least expect it, many of the love disappointments are for trying to force its arrival, so be patient.

4. If love has come, let's keep the flame!

Those who have been lucky enough to find love, because caring for it and maintaining it is a daily task that we can feed with details, gestures and communication.

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So you know, love begins with ourselves and to start the year renewed in all aspects it is best to be clear about the purposes and objectives. Greetings friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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