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Before the financial and real estate crash, when in the middle of the last decade the Vice President of the Government Pedro Solbes went to Congress, in his speeches a single obsession was perceived: the problems of competitiveness of the Spanish economy. It is not a current issue.

A few days ago Eloisa Norman, a professor of Spanish Economics at the UA, reminded me. A thesis gained followers, its origin? the growing weakness of the competitiveness of the Spanish economy ... "

Our export companies and competitiveness

After attempts to make labor adjustments and other measures, it is worth wondering if that obsession of Solbes, finally, in the context of the current severe crisis and between the drums of the good export performance of the Spanish economy presents a turning point in its correction .

But this is not the case, unfortunately, “our competitiveness - price is still in as bad or worse condition than at that time, despite the fact that our exports are strengthening, maintaining export quotas at world level above Germany, not only in services ( that have improved), but even in goods ”.

The reason that our exports grow at a good rate and are in such good health is because our export companies are rather a case apart. As E. Norman points out: “when speaking of exporting companies in Spain we must refer to characteristics that do not correspond to the average: they are larger, more innovative, more productive and, of course, with levels of competitiveness above the average. . They do not compete via price, but rather via differentiation, quality and brand, being little subject to price pressures (lower price elasticity of demand) ”.

Competitiveness and the culture of work in Spain: attitudes, motivations and business inability ...

Therefore, it is necessary to generalize those indicators present in exporting companies until they become the average characteristic of the business fabric. What is wrong? corporate culture? asked E. Norman- "Without a doubt, but also the culture of work“.

I have to admit that politically and socially few of us dare to say this. And we are all aware that we have a serious problem with five million unemployed, vulnerable companies, underground economy, entrepreneurial weakness…. But what about our work culture? compared to other European countries, Asia, etc?

According to E. Norman, “the problem seems to be not so much in the quality of education (we have the highest ratio of university studies in the OECD) but in the attitude of the worker: our students, for example, have a hard time understanding the philosophy of love of work, of dedication for quality (learning vs passing).

But the one who harms the work culture the most is, above all, who runs it, lost in the criteria of the past (competitiveness-price) without looking to the future (quality). It is outrageous the incapacity of entrepreneurship to value it, to empower it, to stimulate it.
And what about our institutions ... "

To think…

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