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Siddharta Gautama, Buddha, founder of Buddhism of Indian origin, the history of his life is mixed with myths and legends, due to its oral transmission of it, which serve as a guide for all followers of this religion. The Buddha quotes are focused on the spiritual plane of man.

Buddha quotes

  • The fool who recognizes his foolishness is wise. But a fool who thinks he is wise is truly a fool.
  • To live a life of detachment, we must not regard anything as our own.
  • Not even a God can turn the victory of one who has defeated himself into defeat.
  • By advancing these three steps, you will get closer to the gods: First: Speak truthfully. Second: Do not let yourself be dominated by anger. Third: Give, even if you have only very little to give.
  • The true seeker does not identify himself with either the name or the form, he does not lament for what he does not have or for what could have been.
  • Most human beings are like leaves that fall from trees, that fly and flutter through the air, waver and finally fall to the ground. Others, on the contrary, are almost like stars; they follow their fixed path, no wind reaches them, for they carry within them their law and their goal.
  • Life is a journey, death is a return to earth.
  • If there is only space, without suns or planets in it, then space loses its essence.
  • Few of the men reach the other shore; most of it runs up and down on these beaches.
  • The man who is afraid seeks refuge in the mountains, in the sacred forests or in the temples. However, such refuges are useless, because wherever you go, your passions and sufferings will accompany you.
  • Reflection is the path to immortality (nirvana); the lack of reflection, the road to death.

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