Mojácar in winter

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On the shores of the Mediterranean, in the north of the province of Almería, is Mojácar. Shopping centers, hotels, apartments, bars and Restaurants line the road that runs along the coast, giving this area called Mojácar-Playas a marked cosmopolitan air during the summer. The town, despite the tourist boom, has not lost its charm although there is a proliferation of businesses aimed at the large number of tourists who visit it. Pubs, restaurants and souvenir shops occupy much of its streets and sus terraces.
In winter, however, it is something else. Most of the town's restaurants are closed and only a few shops remain open to serve the few tourists, most of them members of retired excursions, who go up to town during the day to take a walk and buy souvenirs. Almost no one leaves without taking an indalo, a symbol of Almería, which is said to be accompanied by good luck and also protects from the evil eye. If the day is sunny, it is time to walk the surveyed streets of the town going up to the castle, at the top, to look out from its viewpoint to the mar Mediterranean. The narrow streets and whitewashed houses, many adorned with flower pots, make up a genuine setting far from the influences of beach tourism. At night, the town is deserted. Many houses seem uninhabitedThere is hardly any light inside any of them. Only two or three bars are open and not until very late. One of them, the Minguito bar, located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, is one of the most frequented by the mojaqueros who come to do the social gathering or watch the soccer game on TV while having an aperitif or having a generous portion of fish for dinner. ham or meatballs.
In winter, the beaches are deserted and the little movement that can be seen along the coastal road is due to the service and supply vehicles and the movements of foreign residents who live there all year round or who come to the Mediterranean sun fleeing from the cold winter of northern Europe. But most locals areThey are closed. Even at the newsstand strategically located in a busy commercial area, a sign indicates that it is closed in winter. But the sun does not close in winter and sitting down to have a drink in one of the few terraces that remain open or taking a good walk along the seashore makes you forget about work and problems and that your only preoccupation is where you are going to eat that day: Vera, Garrucha, or am I staying in Mojácar?

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