Advances in electronics, the new Cell microchip

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Large electronics companies are developing new products that carry a revolutionary new microchip called "Cell." A week ago, however, they announced that Cell will allow computers and electronic products to process huge amounts of digital content and video.

Sony Corp. is also developing a next-generation video console.

The technical details of this new microchip will be disclosed in Congress International Solid State Circuits Conference held in February in San Francisco. So far it is only known that the new chip is comprised of a 64-byte power internal processor, in addition to multiple internal processors capable of handling broadband applications, including video games, movies, and other digital content.

According to the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., the devices of the future will integrate broadband to process huge amounts of film images and digital images.

IBM intends to start making applications with Cell over the next year in collaboration with Sony, while Toshiba has said it hopes to launch an HDTV in 2006.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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