Nanotechnology and its impact on construction

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When talking about Nanotechnology we usually think of nano-chips or ultra-small devices that are being developed by scientists for medicine, the fight against cancer, biochemistry, physics, etc.

However, the construction industry is beginning to enter the world of technological advancements, and research is beginning on ways in which nanotechnology can bring improvements to the construction of roads, bridges and buildings.

In an article published by Better Roads, Small Science Will Bring Big Changes To Roads, and cited by Nanodot, it is explained how current research in polymers could lead to a situation where that road barriers fix their own imperfects caused by vehicle crashes.

The application of nanotechnology to roads and construction will also make it possible to automatically identify and repair, without human intervention, gaps and holes in asphalt or concrete, and to manufacture traffic signs that clean themselves. Nanotechnology is used to make stronger steel and concrete. Also for road safety. For example, in some places in the United States, nano sensors have been placed to monitor the status of their bridges and detect any anomaly or risk.

Despite the bad press that nanotechnology receives from some media, the advances and new solutions made possible by this new scientific phenomenon are increasingly evident.

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