10 delicious avocado toasts you can make in 5 minutes

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Toasted bread and avocado are a delicious and very nutritious combination, but if you also add other ingredients like the ones we present below, your breakfast or lunch will enter another dimension.

Avocado toast

Toast with avocado, white miso, black sesame paste, spring onion, coriander, garlic, dill

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Avocado, bacon, tomato, red onion toast with garlic vinaigrette and seeds

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Avocado toast, goat cheese and sprinkled chili pieces

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Toast with bagels, cream cheese, avocado and dill

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Toast with avocado, roasted corn, butter, paprika, coriander and fresh cheese

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Baked toasted avocado toast with bacon, cream cheese and honey mustard

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Avocado and poached egg toast

Viewed: pinchofyum.com

Avocado, gorgonzola cheese, pear, walnut and honey toast

Viewed: howsweeteats.com

Toast with scrambled eggs, avocado and smoked salmon

Viewed: bonappetit.com

Toast with avocado cream, prawns, garlic and chili

Viewed: pickyin.blogspot.com.es

Some things that may interest you about avocado.

  • He is originally from Mexico
  • Avocado it's a fruit
  • Never keep it in the fridge, it is best to leave it in a dark and cool place
  • A medium size avocado has a 300 calorie
  • Has more potassium than the banana
  • Has a lot fiber
  • Contains healthy fats and it is the fruit that provides the most protein
  • How to know if an avocado is ripe? You remove the tail that it has and look inside if the color is green, it has not ripened yet, if it looks yellow, it is ready to eat if it is dark brown it has passed
  • It rusts right away the best thing to prevent it from turning black is to consume it at the moment or garnish it with a few drops of lemon
  • Trick so that it does not turn black if you have excess: You can spread it with olive oil and wrap it in plastic wrap or store the avocado half in a container with half an onion.
  • Eating avocado can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • There are different varieties of avocado, some like the Hass variety can be found all year round

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