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New market research report called "Thin-Film and Printable Battery Markets: 2010".

This new report from NanoMarkets examines the business opportunities for printable thin film batteries in a wide range of applications for which they appear to be suitable. The report also critically examines the business case “stories” commented on by leading manufacturers of printable and thin-film batteries to determine how well they fit with market realities. The probable evolution of the materials and chemical profiles of the batteries used in the new batteries covered in this report was also analyzed, which covers both the electrodes and the electrolyte. The progress made in the manufacturing processes was also reviewed.

This report brings together NanoMarkets' deep expertise in printable, organic, and thin-film electronic devices with its analysis of the latest developments in the battery field, including new products, technology advancements, new licenses, financial and marketing agreements, and recent mergers and acquisitions activity. And while the main objective of this report is to focus on the evolution opportunities of printable thin-film batteries, it will also try to explain where there have been apparent failures and to analyze why these failures have occurred.

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