Give birth at Christmas

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Are you planning to give birth this Christmas?

How to celebrate Christmas knowing that you may go into labor at any moment?

Christmas is near. Most people are busy preparing Christmas gifts and meals, but what worries you the most is that your doctor has told you that your due date is going to coincide with one of the Christmas holidays.

Do not worry!

Think that the due date is only the day when 40 weeks of gestation are fulfilled, and that statistics show that only 5% of deliveries occur on this date, and therefore the remaining 95% end up getting ahead or behind.

The window in which a pregnant woman is most likely to go into labor is between the 38 weeks and 42.

But above all, one of the biggest concerns for pregnant women who have a probable due date close to the Christmas holidays is whetherthere will be fewer doctors and nurses during the holiday period what if there may be more problems if they need any emergency procedure, like a cesarean section.

Most hospitals always has enough staff in case it is needed, and Christmas is no different. There may be fewer administrative or service staff, but that will not affect your delivery in any way.

Just a little bit of caution.

Since labor could start at any time, it is best if you spend Christmas close to home. And if you have to go to a relative or friend's house for dinner, think about whether you could get to the hospital quickly.

Always carry the baby's basket with you and the suitcase with your things for the hospital in case you go into labor at dinner.

If your baby is finally born at Christmas, think that he will always have a special birthday !!

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