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Google Chrome gains ground to Internet Explorer

The recent market share statistics bring good news and bad news for Microsoft. The company has seen its Internet Explorer browser lose more ground, apparently in favor of Google Desktop and Chrome, while its Windows 7 operating system has quickly gained market acceptance.

"The last six months have been very mixed for Microsoft," Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, said in a press release. The research firm notes in its February 2010 browser and operating system market share study that the market share of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has fallen by more than 12% since February 2007, primarily due to interest from users by the competitive offerings of Firefox and Google.

"Firefox and Google have been the main beneficiaries of this change in market share," says the report. “Google Desktop and Chrome are new entrants to the browser market; however, interest in both products has diminished with the recent introduction of IE 8 ”.

According to Janco Associates, Microsoft's IE continues to lead the pack for browsers, but the company has lost around 6% share in the last 12 months and now has just under 65% of the total browser market, in compared to the market share of more than 80% in February 2007. Firefox's market share remained practically stable, with a decrease of less than 1%, which leaves it at more than 17%. At the same time, Google's browser market share grew by more than 2% to about 6%, while Safari's grew by almost 1% to 1.39%. Janco also uses this report to declare Netscape "officially dead."

“Acceptance of Firefox has stalled from the moment when the novelty and uniqueness of its features have worn off and been duplicated by Microsoft's IE. Firefox is no longer unique, as both IE and Google's browser offer most of its features, ”according to the Janco Associates report. The report goes on to say that interest in Firefox and Google Chrome could wane in the future because "their browsers don't work on all websites."

Janco estimates that the browser market has stabilized as "the move to [Google Desktop and Chrome] has been inhibited by its lack of robustness" and "IE users have moved quickly to IE 8." Yet despite Google's improvement, the research firm claims its lack of new initiatives and apparent stagnation of interest could be seen "as a major defeat for Google."

As Microsoft watches its browser's market share shrink, it's also seeing its recent Windows 7 operating system take off, Janco notes.
"Windows 7 has already taken 12% of the market for operating systems in less than 7 months since its launch," added Janulaitis. “The last time an operating system was accepted so quickly in the market was XP. Vista's market share has peaked and is in the process of being phased out from most companies. "

Source: PC World

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