Did you know that there is a hidden game in the Chrome browser?

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When we use Google's Chrome browser and, for some reason, it cannot connect to the Internet, a warning message appears along with a drawing of a small dinosaur. If you are a regular user of Chrome you have probably already seen it, but there is something that you surely do not know: That dinosaur is also the protagonist of a secret game hidden in the browser !!

When the warning message appears, press the space bar and you will see.

A floor will appear under the dinosaur and it will start to run. It's the start of the game! You will see that a counter will also have appeared in the upper right. Avoid the cacti jumping them with a mouse click or using the space bar. If you don't calculate well and hit a cactus, it's game over.

What are you waiting for? Try browsing an offline site and you will see it !! 😉

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