Alcohol and adolescence

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Well, tonight ... what do we do ??

Normally, we young people, when we ask that question on a Friday or Saturday, even a Thursday, 50% of the answer, at least in the majority of young people, is already answered, (it is not necessary to generalize, that there are exemplary children by They are willing and deserve our applause).

- Going for a drink if the economy allows it is, without a doubt, one of the best plans.

-If we are short of money, a bottle is the second option.

The other 50% of the question, refers to the place, disco, pub or any space where we can meet with our people, chat, drink, laugh, drink, have fun, drink, know each other, drink, laugh more, drink more, talk less , drink more, dance more, drink more ...

But if you stop to think about it, even if it's just thinking about it, this drinking to laugh, get to know each other, flirt ... all this is the beginning of a chain.

We are tired of hearing our parents tell us, do not drink, do not smoke, do not hang out with those people, do not dress like that ..... at least some parents. Others, on the contrary, are the opposite extreme, which is not convenient either.
The ideal, the middle ground.

But ... then, the middle ground for everything. It is also not convenient to go out and by system get drunk to the maximum, it is not necessary, really!

I believe that we must find a balance.
Life, the more balanced the better, which is already hard and difficult enough, as if to start throwing stones at our roof.

Going back to the chain, at the end of the chain, we all know it, but we also all ignore it.
It seems that we always tend to go on the dark side, that is, we always have two options, do it right or do it wrong.

Obviously, this is not so easy and it is not possible to speak in absolute terms, sometimes, doing it well seems more difficult because we have to face, or it seems more boring because we are not running any risk, we have to think more, etc. .
Doing it wrong may seem like the fastest way to us, or make sure of something at all costs.

With how "easy" it is to think about the consequences and then decide the way.
But it is to think about the consequences of something we want or something we believe in ... that is difficult.

So that we don't have to think about anything, I propose a list with 10 negative points about alcohol, that is, 10 main consequences of the classic rum-cola, beefeater-lemon, whiskey with ... with whatever:

Sexual problems

for both boys and girls. In boys, erection problems ... ahem ahem, and in girls problems with menstruation.


It is not something new, but yes, alcohol makes you fat, and much much more than we think, it also damages the skin.


Diseases such as cirrhosis or serious kidney problems, hypertension and a long etc. that we would all be surprised. Of course, not because we have a couple of drinks a week we have all the ballots, but clearly, those who start drinking at 12, 13 or 14 years are trying their future luck, because this first point is long term.


From the mouth, from the esophagus, from the lung, from the colon ... well ... it seems to be in fashion, and we do not realize that it may be our fault and because of the happy dark path, that path I was talking about before.

Personality problems

Suddenly you are very happy, euphoric and with a simple "click" our mood can change to unsuspected points, until we even get to know ourselves, become violent, say things that we can later regret, they get people in trouble. what we want, cry and another long etc ...

Memory loss

Try to remember what you had for dinner the day before yesterday ... Well, with alcohol that feeling is accentuated and intensified without control. It has to remind you that you threw yourself on the floor, that you threw up in front of the or of the boy with whom a while before, in the first part of the chain, you talked and laughed without problems.


Like everything addictive, alcohol creates dependency and in addition to all these problems, add the money that goes away.

Risks of traffic accidents

That because of someone who is drunk acabestú in the cemetery is not fair, that because of someone who is drunk acabéistú, your friends and the car that is hit in the cemetery seems less fair to me yet.


For being silly, simply because of that, because at any moment any person with two fingers in the forehead can know what their limit is, know how far they can go ... That for being silly you end up in the hospital with a needle between chest and back or else in the other neighborhood ... no excuses.


I put this consequence as the last one, because it is the last one to suffer, in case of not having lost life before, of course; Hard but true. Headache, thirst, malaise, heartburn ...

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