Brad Pitt Horoscope: Seductive and Adventurous

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Brad Pitt whose real name is William Bradly Pitt, He is an American actor and producer considered a sex symbol and idol, for many women. Despite his incredible physical attractiveness, he is an excellent actor, who has been nominated for the OSCARs on 5 occasions, achieving win 1 Oscarin his starring role in the movie "Departed" (best picture). He was also nominated 5 times for awards GOLDEN BALLOONS and won one for the film Twelves Monkeys (1995. · BAFTA Award nominations, 5 nominations for the ACTORS SYNDICATE, where one won in Inglorius Baster in 2009. He is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. It was also winner of the Volpi Cup at the INT FESTIVAL. FROM VENICE in 2007. He has participated in 70 films, rubbing shoulders with the best actors of the moment.

Brad Pitt Horoscope

Date of birth of Brad Pitt: 12/18/1963 in Shawne, Oklahoma

Zodiac sign of Brad Pitt: Sagittarius, Sagittarius ascendant

The horoscope of Brad Pitt: Brad Pitt's horoscope is Sagittarius. The sympathetic, optimistic and honest character so characteristic of Sagittarians has always been worth it, to win the sympathy of the people and the press. Sagittarians love adventure, trying new things, attracting the unknown and are very brave when it comes to jumping because, in reality, they do not see the problem in anything. This is Brad Pitt. He has 2 older brothers and when his father, a truck builder, was born, he decided to move to Missouri. Brad's childhood and youth were spent there. He studied Advertising and Journalism and in 1996 when it finished, he moved to live in Los Angeles, because he had decided to be an actor.

Brad Pitt horoscope. Source: Pinterest

His ambition and his modesty did not prevent him from working at any job, as long as he could get what he wanted. In 1987 they began to offer him supporting roles, which he knew how to take advantage of very well, making himself known. His physique and blue eyes helped him a lot and his film career was always on the rise. Typical of the Sagittarius, his optimism, sympathy, good humor and sincerity have made him befriend all those with whom he has worked.

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We could say that Brad Pitt is a typical Sagittarius. It is the most positive sign of the zodiac. Its versatility and spirit of adventure, they make you prepare thoroughly before the shooting of each movie even if it endangers your life. He never uses doubles, he insists on doing it himself. Enjoy the danger.

Brad Pitt is a publicist. Source: Pinterest

Another fact about Brad Pitt, that is typical of Sagittarians, is that they must always fight for a cause, an ideology, a religion ... He and his family were part of the Baptist community, so they moved to Missouri. Then we have seen how together with his 2nd wife Angelina Jolie, he fights for the countries of the 3rd world with the ONE Camping organization, against AIDS and poverty around the world. There are many donations and aid trips to different countries, to help them. He has also convinced actors and friends of his to donate and cooperate. In this way he feels useful and satisfied. It is part of their character.

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Sagittarians are good organizers, hard-working and good managers, which made him launch to create his own production company, in his eagerness to develop new projects. The truth is that Brad Pitt is successful in everything he undertakes. These qualities together with its versatility means that it can do anything. When it comes to friendship, Brad Pitt is a total Sagittarius. He is a good friend of his friends, he turns to them.

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Talking about your love life, he was a terrible seducer while he was single. Relationships with many actresses with whom he worked are known. But if you are in a couple and you know how to get along, you can be very faithful and a very good father. In fact, we have been able to verify from his personal trajectory that marriage is something important for him. Just got married once in 1980 with Jennifer Aniston, from whom he divorced in 1995, who left with Angelina Jolie, with whom they have lived together since 2005. With Angelina he has had 6 children. They got married as a family on 08/23/2014. Angelina has filed a lawsuit in court for divorce last Monday 09/19/2016.To know more about Sagittarius see: Characteristic of Sagittarius.

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Compatibility of Brad Pitt with other signs: Brad Pitt how sagittarius is compatible with: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and with people of Taurus, Virgo, Pisces they get along regularly. On the other hand Brad Pitt  it would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Scorpio, Capricorn. For more information see:

Compatibility of the signs with Sagittarius

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Other details related toHoroscope Brad Pitt: seductive and adventurous:

  • The tarot card of Brad Pitt would be THE EMPEROR, is social position, the material, power, authority ... (See: Letter from The Emperor)
  • The number of Brad Pitt is he 4, from him comes his order, values, respect for the law ... (See: Meaning of number 4, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope of Brad Pitt is he HARE areintelligent, balanced, intuitive, fanciful, cunning ... (See: Meaning of HARE in the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color of Brad Pitt is he Dark blue, bright blue, brown, ocher.
  • The Element of Brad Pitt : it is Fire.
  • The planet of Brad Pitt it is Jupiter.
  • The stone of Brad Pitt it is Topaz, Ruby and Hyacinth.

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