Complaints from passengers to Iberia, please listen

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Despite the Iberia - British Airways merger, there are still many of us who sentimentally regard Iberia as a Hispanic company and we would like to see that its services to passengers did not suffer from major flaws.

Here is a set of complaints that should be heard by Iberia.

1. Counter staff service. There is a doubt if they are transmitting a bad “style” of the company, or if Iberia simply has a problem with its personnel, their training and their motivation.

2. Chaos and incompetence at the gates. On long-duration, high-passenger flights, the counter boarding system borders on disastrous. Instead of helping to form orderly queues, the numerous Iberia staff gather at their counter giving instructions that no one hears or wants to hear. Business class people see them and want them; children and families can barely break through, “group A” is relegated to the bottom… Iberia would do well to emulate Vueling and facilitate electronic boarding and other more efficient systems.

3. Terrible food. Long-term flight food is simply inedible. There are plenty of comments. What is served borders on insult and creates a lousy image for the company. Iberia is wrong if it thinks that this is the way to compete with the airlines with cheap flights. It also offers a bad image of Spanish gastronomy, currently considered one of the best in the world.

4. Lack of generosity in upgrades. Without being a cheap flight company, Iberia has begun to copy many of its systems. It charges for the choice of seats, it does not respect reservations from travel agencies ... And it leaves empty seats in business class without making upgrades that would serve to retain customers.

5. Traditional complaints. The company has lost some of its identity and personality signs. Some of its historical deficiencies are still emerging (see Iberia compared to other European airlines)

In 2013, Iberia had its darkest year with a drop in passengers of more than 16.5%. The company should take note that something is wrong with their services. Please listen.

We invite you to leave us your evaluations about the company: complaints, positive evaluations ...

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