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Tricks to highlight your beauty during the hottest months of the year

During the summer there is more humidity, it is hot and it is possible that between the loss of shine and volume of our hair and the sweat of the heat, we do not feel very attractive.

Choosing a lighter hair color. If you are blonde, this can be done by applying lemon juice to the last rinse

Save your makeup and use a tinted moisturizer and Solar protection

Choose shades of enamel strong and cheerful for the summer. Strong shades of pink are a good choice

Use sunscreen on the face, neck, hands and chest to avoid future spots

Use self-tanning products. There are creams, sprays and wipes. Choose the color and format that best suits you

Apply a light coat of rouge in the areas of the face most exposed to the sun: the forehead, cheeks and nose

Pick up your hair to avoid a sweaty neck. Be imaginative - you can use headbands, elastic bands, scarves, bows…. Anything goes in summer.

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